LOL placements are so broken

my main account was stuck in high plat … my new account was high gold almost into plat in OW2 my placements put me in bronze 2 after 7 straight wins… ok sure fine whatever ill get back up there…
my 14 yo son WHO IS NOT GOOD AT ALL like no map sense … terrible aim. hes super new
he played his games and lost like 18 and eventually won his 7
this game sucks now LOL


Some of us didn’t even get any calibration and was placed in Bronze 5 out of the box.

And the pool is deep: Addressing the Bronze 5 issue all in one thread

At least you can still climb.

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i wasnt climbing … i won 14 games and stayed bronze 2. i then won 7 more and went up to silver 2… won 7 more and went up to gold 5 i JUST WON 7 more and stayed gold 5
this crap is stupid

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You were, High Plat -1000SR after the soft reset puts you back to Gold. So, now you’re back at where you’re supposed to be.

Now you need to win at a high win rate to rank up every 7 wins or every few 7 wins depending on your win rate.

New players get placed based on their W/L too but they get enormous boost from ranks to ranks until they finally settle and they’ll be back to the grind.

winrate doesn’t matter so much anymore, stats do(which ones? who knows :upside_down_face: most likely - K:D, DMG, H, MIT - aka scoreboard) if you re not climbing you should take a look at your game reports, judging by the icon you’re a tank main and a teamplayer - understand this no longer benefits your climb and playing more selfishly does hope this helps glhf

I’m 6-10 right now in DPS placements. I mostly gate kept my ranks in OW1 by essentially just placing every season but some seasons I played more.

Finished OW1 DPS at 2338 (Tank is my main role and at one point got to 2850s, and my support has hit 2904 with essentially just Lucio)…. No idea what to expect when I get this 7th win. I’m performing fairly well…… but it seems like it could be a lower rank because I’m actually effective with Pharah. A lot.

my kdr is usally really good… ill often go 30+ sometimes close to 50 and only die 3-5 times
well … thats how it was till i got into gold now for whatever reason im still performing the same but my teammates are dying 20-25 times being crazy just rushing trying to rambo

This is why this hiding the SR gains is toxic. Blizzard is rewarding new players with unearned ranks to Boost engagement numbers to try to sell Battlepasses and skins.

The old OW1 players who earned massive amounts of skins and legendary coins are not buying battle passes or Gold coins(Whatever they are called) as we already have a good selection of skins to use.

We are not their target audience for sapping money so we get screwed.

You can play several hours to get 7 wins…and get no advancement.