Lol. Developers boss's dont read the forums

No when you are the balance boss and the comunity boss.

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No apologies necessary, but I don’t really understand what you mean here.

You really think they will be reading themselves?
They will have people to do it for them and relate the information back.


I don’t expect Jeff or Geoff to spend a lot of time on the forums, because they have better things to do. I am highly skeptical that they have delegated to someone to keep track of important topics on the forums though. They have moderators, but their job is just to maintain them, not to summarize or aggregate important topics.

I don’t think anyone at Blizzard follows these forums regularly. They check in from time to time on topics they think are interesting, which usually don’t involve any topics containing any form of criticism. For the most part I don’t think they care about what we think or what we write on these forums.


They delegated somebody else to read the forums. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are reported to. It just means they personally don’t because that’s not their job to, they hired other people to do that.

That’s what I was implying.

Also, I agree with you XD

Exactly who is relating information back to them? JK don’t really care…


Someone who isn’t in that list?
Or they don’t read…pick what you want lol

Not that I know anything about their management system, but I imagine they do have people reporting to PR of some sort. But nowadays I’m not so sure.

Most businesses do have somebody who reads information regarding their product. They want to keep making money after all.

I just don’t think it’s the devs lol

Edit: Also, they do run a lot of social media accounts. People in the company probably have to read them and respond.

Wow… and only have 4 days for me but Geoff and Jeff only have less then 4 hours of read time, welp no wonder the game is the way it is.

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Why do they need to read the forum.
They have lackeys to do that :slight_smile:
If they are reading that is.

Depends on the type of information they think they can gather. I don’t think they have anyone that read and relay info from the forums to the developers. I do, however, think they analyze player statistics and data from their servers. They also listen to Overwatch professionals, and certain youtube streamers who have enough followers. But, as they stated in a video way back about Mercy feedback it was something along the lines of (and I’m paraphrasing) : “There are too many voices and opinions so we decided not to listen to any of it, and did our own thing instead.”


Which is why we are here. Currently. No wonder Builders are so weak.


Me neither. Developers’ job description doesn’t include social media outreach. Yeah they might see the occasional topic or tweet but I don’t think they have a system of where everybody gets together and tells the devs what people are saying on the forums.

However, they probably have somebody else entirely-- somebody whose job it is to care-- taking the information and forming a big picture to the company itself.

Likely someone in either their marketing/community management or their quality assurance departments is assigned to keeping an eye on the forums. That person would report in occasionally to their bosses on general forum opinions, but let people know immediately if any major bugs or issues are posted.

It’s also possible the higher ups scroll through the forums on a regular basis, but only click on threads that catch their eye.

Blizzard doesn’t care about anything but lining their pockets with more money… Unfortunately that does not include listening to opinions that could potentially help them make the game more attractive to new players, because caring is something I believe they are incapable of at this stage.

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Still… There is still a lot issues The two guys missed.

Like I saw the Summer event problem coming a mile away.

But I don’t even know if they know if it was a problem.

I guarantee you they have a person with the job description of reading social media. It’s PR. Most big companies like them have those workers.

Of course they have a PR person, probably several. I do not think any of the information they gather is translated into any form of productive change of the game though. PR is not about listening to feedback about the state of the game, it’s about tricking and manipulating people into buying more things by making announcements, posting information about events and updates, and buttering up the youtube streamers with large followings.

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I agree with you there. I mean, they didn’t even do a developer update with this new patch and Summer Games. Very odd.

Actually think that’s coming soon ™