Log In For Your Auto Losses



F this game and it’s idiotic matchmaking that pretty much guarantees you will lose every single time you rank up more than it wants you to.


They seriously need to do a soft-reset of everybody’s MMR. There are people being placed inappropriately and proving it by doing their first ever placements on a smurf, and being placed much higher, using the same characters and playstyle.

The main thing holding this idea back are the people who fire back with “bUt iF you’re ReAlLy tHaT rAnK yOu sHoUlD bE aBlE tO CaRrY tEh eNtIrE tEaM” nonsensical argument.


calm down…


^^ what this guy said.

Seriously though, if what you say is true how do I maintain a 60+% winrate? Did I just get lucky and land on the “don’t give this guy bad teammates” list?


Well do you play a good hitscan/Hanzo/Genji or play support to pocket your DPS boyfriend?


I have have separate accounts for flex only, hitscan/dps flex, off-tank, support, and Zen (my main). I maintain 60+% on all of them in solo queue.

…and I am happily married to a woman.


Had a break up recently and he doesnt play OW :frowning: Had to do it on my own


Fixed. :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re only winning around 50% of your games on your mains, time to find a new E -boyfriend for your DPS carry!


Not my fault i get tilted and keep on playing and i have yet to adjust to the meta >:(


You’re an Ana main, you are the meta.


A hero being meta doesnt mean that the playstyle doesnt change. I got to 4100 playing with rein/zarya, playing ana with orisa/hog is a totally different play style.


Kornmeal’s also a gm player while ur in gold, maybe you need an e-boyfriend


O believe me I would kill for a constant hitscan carry on my team even if it meant I had to pocket them as support and go gay because I’m sick of trash DPS being the usual issue for losses. That’s why i went Reaper recently and I’m 65% winrate. Though I’m probably done with comp regardless, too many other games to play than waste time and aggravation on comp.


Its funny you think an Ana would wanna queue with a hitscan player. Id rather queue with a rein or winston over a DPS anyway, unless it was a good genji


Is there a special dating site for that, perhaps? Asking for a friend, ofc…!


No u!


Play in Bronze, best rank regardless of how well you play.


It doesn’t want you to rank up when your stats are worse than your rank says they should be.

I’ve taken a half dozen accounts from bronze-gold to within the same 50 SR peak in masters. The matchmaker is incredibly consistent in the long run.

Every time you’re losing, it’s the matchmaker giving a win to someone who deserves to rank up.


funny how it’s always the matchmakers fault people lose games

stupid thing doesn’t give me trash opponents i can easily beat, game is broken!


I told you before, stop being toxic and you will not be losing that much…