Loaded into Comp game with title screen

So, this is a thing that happened.

I went into a comp game and did deathmatch while you wait. While in deathmatch, I got the “Rendering device stopped” error, so I closed and restarted my game. When I loaded back in, I was at the hero select screen for the comp match with the title screen overlayed. After my hero loaded and I was in the first person camera, I still had a free mouse like I was in the title screen and could not move my character.

Screenshot (I apparently can’t post links):
imgur dot com/FMFFBuz.png


Do you use a RTX Graphics Card by any chance?
If so, please check this thread: Known Technical Support Issues - Updated Oct 13, 2021 - #21 by Drakuloth

If not, and this issue keeps persisting then it’s recommended to start the troubleshooting process in #technical-support.

Furthermore, that menu overlaying has had an increase in occurence.
I’m not sure if this is linked to the “Rendering Device Stopped” error so far. But we’ll soon know!