@ literally everyone calling today's ptr a mercy buff


Its literally the same as before the nerfs to her 50hps.


^ This


I mean I’m pretty sure you were asked to share the video but yeah :man_shrugging:


Let’s not make her out to be Rosa Parks just yet.


And again. The Overwatch team completely missed what Mercy players have been saying for a long time.





I guess that settles that then :slight_smile:


Considering it takes her slower now since, her healing got nerfed to 50hps.



Considering that change is being reverted, and this change is being added.

Yes, it’s a buff.


Didnt say it was not a buff, but its basically making it almost the same as it was before.


Why would someone argue that an increase in healing and a reduce in ult charge needed would not be a buff.

It doesn’t matter if it has been more than that two or ten patch cycles ago… it’s called buff or nerf in comparison to the last patch (the live version) and that’s it. You can call it a net nerf if in the same patch, something else gets reduced or something changes that overall decreases her capabilities but this patch only increases them compared to the previous cycle (which is the important part here).

Or would you argue because Ana had 80 damage two years ago, that her damage wasn’t buffed up from 60 to 70. It just doesn’t make sense to me to look at it as a buff or nerf if not comparing the upcoming changes to the live version.


She wouldn’t need the ultimate cost reduction if they hadn’t unnecessarily nerfed her healing.

It is a buff but it’s a buff that’s partially reverting an idiotic nerf to begin with.

Plz give Mercy her own category

Mercy “buff” :joy::joy::joy:


So, by your logic (and your youtube mastah) roadhog’s tweak is also a nerf ? (Not going back to hook cd 6 sec and not reverting damages so, it is still overall a nerf from RH 1.0?)

Brilliant. Genuinely brilliant.


It is by definition a buff ,doesn’t matter how you see it or how she was in a previous iteration ,otherwise mercy will never be ‘‘buffed’’ in your eyes because she will never be as powerful as she was when valk had just been released.

And if you’re going to say ‘‘but that was too long ago’’ then would you have preferred that they left mercy this way for a few more months before coming out with this buff ? because between that and getting the buff now ,it seems like you all would’ve preferred waiting.


Pretty much sums up this movement perfectly


No, that would be this.


I try to remain impartial but this part of the Mercy fanbase does make it hard. You could have said “Mercy buff still isn’t enough” and sounded a lot more rational and worth listening to, instead of…well, code of conduct and everything.


It would be so much easier, if we just call it a buff. If they make character worse, its nerf, if they make it better, its buff.
Completely other thing is that Mercy got hit by ten ton nerf hammer and then got a teeny tiny buff to her ultimate. Does not make Mercy good.


Making a character better is called buffing them. Reverting a nerf is a buff - 50hps felt like crap, 60 felt much better. Faster ults means more flappy deathmoth time.