Listen, thank you game company with a name synonymous with snow storm

No I’m not happy with the changes to sombra, they feel incomplete, but:

I really wanted some response on this for a while. I’m satisfied because the response exists. So I thought I’d give a genuine thank you.
It’s a small victory, but I’ll take it


Oh cool, Blizzard fixing more things that should have been fixed/put in since day one, not months to even years later.

Also a mod is about to edit your post because you put Blizzard in the title, just saying.


Yeah, I mean, you’re right, like I said, it’s a small stupid victory, but I was begging for a response on here for months. So I’ll take it
(You think if I change the word blizzard to snow storm in the title, they’d do anything?)

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Too late , 15 years too late
(At least they willing to respond to us)

I know, it’s really stupid, but trust me. It’s in ToS putting words like Mods, Admin, Blizzard, etc. is looked down upon.

Edit: If they change it I swear I’m leaving the forums lmao

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I wish they would do this kind of comment for Reinhardt too. Sigh. Any kind of info would be great.

Good luck in your struggles with getting them to fix Sombra, guys.

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Good luck to you too my friend. Hope there’s compensation with these animation cancels