Lions Pride eSports JOIN TODAY!

Greetings! I’m Soul, owner of Lions Pride eSports.


We are proud to be partnering to make the OverWatch community on Console the best it can be. With today’s Crossplay announcement, we are happy to announce opening team rosters and our community to ALL consoles, not just PlayStation. Welcome Xbox! Nintendo! We are among the first to spearhead the cross platform competitive league scene on console.

Lions Pride eSports is home of the 2 x league champions, T4 Lionhardt, our Outstanding T4 team Leo Arcana, The amazing T3 team Lions Strike our awesome T2 Academy Team, Lioncubs, our T5 Dream Team LionBurger and our premier PC team, Saberhardt!

We have taken the founding cornerstones of our teams and applied those principals to our org to make one of the most positive, constructive and encouraging organizations out there.

From coaching to gaming groups, we have it all. Our Minecraft server is growing with popularity and Among Us is one of our most active games, let alone the various other gaming groups you will find.

We strive to not only build great gamers and Overwatch players, we strive to help everyone be the best they can be on an individual level as well.

Lions Pride is a non toxic, friendly and welcoming community, open to everyone of all ages and walks of life.

So, welcome, everyone!

Discord - sJzH56Dxut