Linking Youtube and Blizzard Accounts


I’m trying to link my Blizzard Account and YouTube Account in order to participate in the OWL watch time rewards system, but I’ve encountered a problem.

When I tried to link my account, I received an error saying that “brand” accounts can’t be linked to Blizzard accounts.

My problem is that my “brand” account is my main account with my preferred username and all of my subscriptions, whereas my personal account uses my full name, which I’d prefer to avoid. I don’t even have the option to be represented with a nickname if I participate in Live Chat, do I?

So am I out of luck because of how YouTube chooses to run things? It feels that way, and I’m missing OWL on Twitch all the more because of it.


The only thing i know how to switch acc so you’re not using a “brand acc” is that you click on your profile pic on yt, then you click on switch account and you’re good to go. But some accounts doesn’t even need switching lol because when i created a new yt i just had to connect it, i didn’t need to switch my account

I had issues with that as well so i had to try looking it up and also just try myself and see if i could fix it.

This is a policy set forth by Google (not Blizzard). Either you will need to set up a personal account to earn rewards from or reassign a channel to a personal account and not a Google Brand Account.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on your account icon in the top right and click Settings
  3. When the settings page appears, look for the Advanced Settings link in the left side navigation panel.
  4. When the advanced settings page, appears look for the Move Channel section and click on that link. You may be prompted by Google to verify your account (especially if you have two-factor authentication features enabled)
  5. Try moving the channel to your Google Account associated with your known email address.

If this works, please let me know. You are not the only user having this problem so I want to make sure it works.

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Thank you for the information.

I guess at this point all I can do is voice my frustration that Google opts to prevent a person from using a screen name on their personal Youtube channel, and that Blizzard switched from Twitch to YouTube for the OWL.

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Can I not watch this tournament from the owl website and link my bnet account there like during last owl season or…? :thinking:

Yes you can, watching it on or the mobile app will still work, great for those who do not have a Google account.

Full details in my pinned guide.


Here’s to hoping their site actually works this time around… I don’t want to be missing on tokens, I just need 6 for new skin…


Oh, wow, now I feel sheepish.

Thank you for pointing that out.

Watch on website instead work?

I had zero issues with it last year

I’m kinda worried if it’s even going to be shown on the owl website, it’s not being advertised at all…

So, watching the streams on the OWL website without linking anything to youtube (just regularly as always) will still count towards earning the new skins and sprays?

Because their “how it works”- info makes it sound like we have to link accounts.
It goes like “step 1: create a blizz acc” “step 2: link it to the youtube acc”, and “step 3: watch…”

Viewership incentives are active on their official website…

I don’t see a reason why they would just change how people can obtain rewards.

And if they did, it would be some pretty awful false marketing going on there.

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Yes, if you watch on or the OWL mobile app, all you have to do is simply sign on.

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Yeah, same. I prefer to use my in game name for almost all socials and don’t want my real name pasted everywhere. Just another problem with moving to YouTube I suppose. Man, I miss OWL on Twitch. Chat felt better, All Access Pass, Voting, it was just a better experience all the way around honestly.


​if I link my account youtube with my account blizzard but I don’t have a similar mail, it’s a probleme ?