Limited time free BattleTag name change

I agree with you. Seems we’ll never be fortune 500 CEOs.


damn das crazy, now give me all your money

what how do i change it


I would like that name change yeah

I’ll forever be known as Marcane. But thanks for the offer.

How do you change it?


Because long ago, you couldn’t change your Battletag at all. People complained that they couldn’t change it and the reason why they didn’t allow it was because people were harassing other players and then changing their name. Then people started asking if they can just pay for the service. They send out a survey to many people asking if they were willing to pay for the service to change it and it came out that most were willing to do it so they turned it into a paid service.

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ye cool i would love to change my name

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The only thing that comes to mind from a technical perspective is the numeric tag on your name. They can’t reuse the same hash for a name multiple times without causing identity problems, so whenever people change names, they’re inevitably adding another hash.

While there’s no technical limitation for how many hashes can be generated, it is definitely preferable to have as few as possible for usability, because when those hashes are translated into numbers, they get progressively longer over an extended period of time. Instead of Bombz#1111, you might be looking at Bombz#111111111111 a few years later, which is much harder to read, to memorize, and to display in a limited space on a UI.

From a practical perspective, it gives players an identity, which is useful for combatting certain forms of toxicity. For example, someone can’t switch their name to impersonate another player, act like a total jerk in text chat for a few matches to make that player look bad, and then switch to something else—at least not without spending cash to do so.

(Worth noting that impersonating other users is a TOS violation anyway, but ideally the threat of suspension isn’t the only thing discouraging bad behavior.)


Then perhaps the appropriate solution is to differentiate account ID (battle tag) from display name. This is what steam does today. I have an account ID that I use to login, but my actual display name is “NighthAwk” which is what every game actually uses.


i need that name change bad thanks

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This is great! I don’t even play Mercy now!

Thank u :two_hearts:

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Steam lets you name change for free, without any time restriction whatsoever.

you can change it 500 times a day if you wanted.
your icon can be a custom image of anything you want, not just pre-approved blizzard avatars only.

but that’s Steam, not Blizzard.


It’s saying you have to pay


you need to submit a ticket if you alr changed it before

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I’ve been meaning to do a brand refresh for quite some time.

It costs money because people are willing to pay for it. They’ll keep it priced at $10 for as long as people will pay for that

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oh, thanks.
I would like to change my name

Because there are people dumb enough to fall for it, I knew people who’d change their xbox live name several times a year even though it costed 10 bucks

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this could come in handy