Like it or not season 9 is a SUCCESS!

realistically this could never happen
first of all they’re never going to remove characters the skins are the main source of their income and removing a character would remove that avenue of income on top of creating even more unrest within the community
reworks are very time consuming and costly (bc new abilities, new animations, new voice line, making them work everything w/ else in the game, testing and bug fixing etc.) and they tend to avoid those as much as possible even if you look at the massive patch that we just got only pharah got a rework everything else was just number changes and a lot of characters need big changes to fit the dps roster it’s not like you can remove the staff off of mercy and make her bullets deal 200 dmg a shot and call it a day right?

also this role elitist mentality is really harmful we’re all here bc we love the same game right?

nono i never said remove i said rework, they would turn all the tank and support heroes into dps and remove the tank/support role

this isnt about one role being better then the other, its one being more popular then the other

some supports are trying to say if this patch isnt reverted all the tank and support players will leave and they think that would actually kill the game

when a dps focused game would make far more money then what we have had since ow2’s launch

this isnt about dps being more skillful, its that dps is more popular natively. ppl want to pew pew

if the tank and support roles arnt appealing to ppl and it ruins queue times, theyd just remove them entirely and rework the heroes into dps and we would move on from it

id prefer if tanks/supports stayed in the game, but supports need to understand the role isnt about healing its about dmg and utility, healing is apart of that utility but its not all of the utility and its still second to them dealing dmg

Game is broke. Still cant play without crashing since the update for season 9.

Here I am grinding the 100 Genji kills, can the game be more designed for people to be able to actually finish Event quests? I can’t even find games spending 10 minutes qeueing just to get 3-4 Kills Max per game.

Hitbox changes suck btw.

tbh i don’t see much difference outside of some odd picks like widow boosted by a mercy.

the game still feels like the same dumpsterfire.

took some getting used too but i’m liking it (moira main) i’m still doing fine

tried comp but already seen toxicity in the first few matches so won’t be touching that again i guess.



this is probably the WORST season ever.

Blizz is the BEST at making ow worst season after season.

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The more I play it, the less I like it. Also, the more I play it, the more I run into people completely unaware of how the matchups have changed.

From Sombras trying to 1v2 a zen + dps (doesn’t really matter which) to moiras taking 1v1’s with dps not realizing their self healing is being debuffed, to tanks face-checking as much damage as possible, to the complete mystified stares of my teammates as anything is pinged or attempted to be focused.

No, no it’s all just bad out there.

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sometimes i feel like we deserve the worst devs in gaming, cause of these people…

i barely see anyone happy and streamers just like playing with their friends and dislike the rest…

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