Lights were out - Suspended and lost 50 SR

When I was playing in Lijiang Tower 1-1, the electricity was cut. I waited for a couple of minutes, electricity was back, turned on the computer and started the game and it was over. I lost 50 SR points and suspended for like 5 minutes.

IT’S NOT MY FAULT! You cannot predict this.

Doesnt matter. Life goes on. Happens to all of us. I know it stings but just move forward.


It’s OK.

Recovery from disconnecting is identical to recovery from decay54. That is, after a single disconnect a player will have an SR buff for about 12 games until his SR has caught back up to what it would have been if he’d never disconnected. Because leaver recovery is identical to decay recovery, it is likely that MMR is unaffected by leaving, just as it is unaffected by decay.

From the “Leaver Penalty” section:

The penalty starts small because Blizzard knows players can have issues, however they want to enforce that being ignorant of technical issues is not an excuse. Please see this post for further details:

One reason i think removing win streak bonuses sucks.

It’s not a software or hardware problem. There was no electricity. It’s not something I can fix. I know the other team members can have problems but you cannot prevent this.

A leaver is a leaver no matter what.

Because the other 11 will prob never know why you left.

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That’s why there is basically no penalty for this. If you play 10 more games with no leaves it even completely resets your leaver status.

Yep, just like they can’t predict weather the disconnect was intentional or not.

Except it is a hardware problem, just not with your PC; but still a hardware problem on your end…

Well in that case you have to provide proof that you didn’t personaly sabotage your hardware/cable/interenet connection in order to, let’s say “avoid sr loss for a, let’s say losing game”
You see what I mean?
If there was any single possible way of avoiding sr loss, it would have been abused to the maximum.
If blizzard came and said “Now we can see whether it was hardware problem that caused you to dc and therefor you won’t lose sr…” Everyone, EVERYONE would all of a sudden cut their cables/Unplugged the pc etc. in a losing game.

50sr is a really really small hit to take compared to the opposite anarchy that would ensue.