Lightning Strikes Twice!

got ya, fixed the wording

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:woman_shrugging: maybe. I don’t think it really fairly accounts for heroes whose best counter is themself (widow) and looking at the stats… Honestly, it’s not too far off from what he wrote. Ashe and soldier are quite close together at about half Genji’s rate. The only difference is the power gap between Mei and Genji. I’d still use overbuff. Otherwise we’re just arguing with the wind anyway.

They can also see everytime Widowmaker forces a mirror Widowmaker. Thats the point that everyone is missing: they have ALL the data, and can arrange it and sort it however they want.

We have Overbuff…

And people think that the community knows everything :roll_eyes:

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Again, I’d rather use overbuff than “well out of emongg’s 4 games yesterday I saw Mei in all 4 games but in Saebyeolbe’s games I only saw Mei twice”. Don’t get me wrong: I do think we should get to peruse at least a fraction of their stats. But they don’t want to let us.

Just wanted to say we appreciate it Myst!

Make that thrice.

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Sty says there is powercreep, he knows more than the developers.

Hardly, just a difference of opinion on what is excessive.

Electric shock!

Can we give this man a raise?

He has given us more info on developer mindset and balancing phylosophy in 4 posts than everyone else in the development team in years


LOL you do know I was being sarcastic right?

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Oh. It’s hard to tell when it comes to dev posts on the forums lol :joy:

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Joshua Noh confirmed Mei changes in the post OP linked.

Josh is a nice boy bless him


I’d settle for more Josh comments here, it’s nice hearing povs from other devs and that mindset they go through.

My guess is they have a filter that factors in private profiles.


Interesting point. Statistics can say whatever you want them to, and can be arranged however you need in order to make your point.

Orly? Could you snip the relevant part of the post for me? I must’ve glossed over it somehow and missed the confirmation. My eyeglasses prescription is outta wack for sure, and to me the post reads as if to say “Mei and Genji are both middle of the pack, but the perception is that one is extremely weak and one is extremely strong” with no implications of changes to Mei. (it was hidden in parentheses. I feel like a damn fool)

We all know that the community is the veritable fountain of knowledge, with content creators being the spouts and wellsprings.

Vouch. Everyone has different opinions and I’d like to see (and hopefully understand) them all!

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Yeah but the dev’s seats are in the fire if they don’t balance this thing. There’s also lots of devs balancing each other out, and they’re all passionate.

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:joy: Don’t sweat it. I just got my new glasses prescription yesterday and it was way overdue, so I know what it’s like.

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On the other hand I’d argue that exploding projectiles should have a maximum range at which they just explode regardless.