Lifeweaver feels great

Probably just me but he feels really good. I’m winning a majority of games and finding more enjoyment in my games.
The life grip Cooldown reduction feels amazing and allows more room for mistakes and grips for pure protection which i enjoy alot.
The hitbox change feels non-existent but im not dying 24/7 regardless so :person_shrugging:
The damage buff tho feels great like i can genuinely push back flankers a bit. I still mainly try to stay out of sight out of mind but i can do things and it’s great :+1:
Loving all of it and hope he stays good because slowly but surely if he keeps getting buffed he’ll be a problem and then gutted which is a nono


the changes really helped me get more heals in on people that need it

and im dealing what seems like twice as much dmg


What they changed on him? Have not read patch yet, I just think his heal is faster.

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch 2 Retail Patch Notes - June 13, 2023:


His petal hitbox and size got reduced by 10%
His healing blossom was increased to 75

Lifegrip is on a 16s cooldown and heals now

And his damage capabilities feel almost doubled

With some QOL changes to his platform

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And his heal is not faster? it feels like it is. But thanks^^

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His heal still has a 1s charge time but since it’s increased to a max of 75 it feels quicker because it starts higher
Or in my experience anyway considering i can spam 25 heals instead of 10 from last season


I feel like I’m biased because I was playing LW last season. But I totally agree.

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my tap heals hit harder


I feel this lol. I played him on launch, loved him, and still love him.

I think weaver still needs another size reduction. Just make him a little bit bigger or taller then soldier and cass. Hes as big as queen or slightly thicker.

Personally, I have 43 hours of experience with the Lifeweaver. I consider myself to be skilled at positioning and understanding the abilities of both my teammates and opponents, thanks to my extensive 926 hours of playing as Mercy. Based on my experience, I believe that the Lifeweaver could benefit from a buff to its healing charge rate.

The recent change from 65 to 75 was a step in the right direction, but in practice, it’s rare to have a full charge when healing. The most effective healing occurs when the charge is between 30 and 60. After playing several hours with the Lifeweaver following the buff, I found that I rarely used the full 75 charge. If the developers are unwilling to increase the charge rate, they could consider adjusting the scaling numbers instead.

In terms of damage output, I seldom find myself dealing damage with the Lifeweaver, as I always have something more important to attend to. This differs from my experience as Mercy, where using the pistol for damage wasn’t as valuable as damage boosting a teammate. Therefore, my only issue with the Lifeweaver lies in its heal charge. Perhaps a minor rework to its ultimate ability could allow for repositioning it once, providing more strategic options for its use.

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Yeah i think the biggest issue MOST had was it charged too slow resulting in it feeling clunky

I wished there was some extra benefit for fully charging it to insensitive charging to full over just spamming low heals.

Such as if fully charged give a minor HoT effect, or grants the recipient a small burst of speed, or grants temporary sheilds that deplete over time, or something to make charging to full more impactful

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I actually like them a lot, too.

Nothing feels overbearing, he never feels unfair to go against. And it really does feel like he’s contributing to the team now.

Before, his gun just…was so unthreatening. I wouldn’t care that he was shooting me on any character. It just felt so weak. Now it’s actually somewhat of a threat, but not overbearingly so.

His changes are really good. Time will tell how well he does and if it’s enough, too much, or just right.

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Anyone else seeing this weird trend of “Praise Threads” that feel and read like an advertisement?

Like for one. They have no personality. I cannot tell if they are being serious enjoying the game or not.

Two. It feels really constructed as if trying to diverge attention purposely. Theres no character or feeling behind the writing.

Its all just subjective opinion, where many a person would express their gratitude via emotional expression and use of certain words that don’t just come out of a Nursery Rhyme book.

No offense OP, but the post is pretty bland and sus.

Like Lifeweaver feels like he didn’t change at all. Platform feels better. As the msot notable change, but everything just feels like a smidge better, nothing huge. I predict so shifting in power right now.

I haven’t posted on here for awhile so forgive me if I don’t sound real lmfao
I love how LW feels and that’s pretty much all I had to say regarding it.

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You just always express yourself neutrally? Like there’s barely a lean to your messages, but hey yeah go for it.

I love playong Lifeweaver. I just don’t think a small number boost is it, Chief. Ya know?

We need more.

He is still very clunky and is mainlt reactive not proactive like the rest of the support line up. Currently he only heals. He doesn’t really provide much besides platform and then maybe wasting his pull to get someone high up.

Then tree needs some changes like big. It is still a beacon of “Spam your ultimate here for free kills” kinda deal ya know?

I express myself neutrally 24/7, yes. I try to stay more reserved as I’m a more wacky, flamboyant type of individual and I learned that sometimes it’s better to just get your point across.

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Sweet now I’m only going to heal using life grip. :smiley:

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