Lifegrip needs to go

I went a long time without any bad LW’s so I didn’t really understand all the frustration. At worst I’d get some meh pulls that weren’t that great but also not that tilting.

However, since I deranked to low plat I get LW’s who either purposely troll or pull me when I’m about to get a 3k. Now I am having second thoughts about this ability existing.

L + Ratio + Get Pulled


Wow ya how dare i die death should be removed how can they let other people control my game


The enemy killing me fully removes my player agency. I demand the enemy team removed from the game this instant.


I thought the same but on suravasa

Yeah i really hate it too! I don’t understand why they thought it was a good idéa to add such an ability into the game??

I mean yeah it’s to save ppl from situations, but it’s just not fun! It would’ve been better if there was an decline or accept option or something to counter it…

As someone sick of dealing with over extending dummies who complains i ain’t healing them NOW NOW NOW NOW when they are at the other side of the map out of sight, i LOVE lifegrip. :slight_smile:

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Ya its not fair this game is to show off skins you payed way to much for not to kill people or work as a tesm

Regardless of that, people didn’t even try, GM people. They’re just as bad at the game as your standard gold player because they only play cookie cutter games.

Throwing at character select is proof of being bad at the game. And I’m not talking it was the same couple of people I kept encountering, no, every match was unique people. I kept track.

It’s sad

Yea I haven’t encountered that, but I would never swap for someone demanding I do or they throw. Not in a million years.

Honestly, my favorite thing about it is that I can actually make tanks or other people come support the backline when we are consistently being dived on.

Exactly, that’s why I went 1-15 and dropped 5 ranks lol

ifeweaver pulling you out is taken too personally


No, it just needs a push to cancel so you can actually get out of it. That gives autonomy and stops bad pulls while allowing the LW to use Grip as long as he does it well.

At least half of my LGs are responded to with a “thanks :+1:” ( I ask for/say nothing, just doing what he does )
So you are just wrong.
Take off your blinders and embrace the synergy.


And removes autonomy from weaver no use an ability


No, it doesn’t. If his Pull was good, it won’t be cancelled.

Lifegrip removes autonomy from the player being gripped. If LW uses it wrong and it gets cancelled, that’s not a bad thing.

Dont make me laugh the amount of clips and vods i have reviewed with weaver pulling a tabk so close ot death just to have them run in right again and get mad at weaver is insane. So no it would not it would just waste waevers ability so if you want him to waste an ability you should as well.

And if he uses it right and its canceled you die he loses an ability and then yelled at for not saving people.


I love it. Saving the bads I play with from their own terrible positioning is amazing and yanking them out of ults is just gamebreaking.

And my doomfist charging into 1v5 also removes my ability to play the game as we are down a tank.