Lifegrip needs to go

I’m sick of being intentionally or unintentionally pulled out of a play. It shouldn’t be up to another player to decide you aren’t where you should be. Whether they’re right or wrong.


lol i’ve been watching some streamers and they all love having LW on their team


Yeah how dare Roadhog hook me into his team.


With that logic, half of abilities should go away from the game!


I always say lifeweaver pulling you out is taken too personally because it’s not that they think they know better, they’re just using their kit to help you as designed- except I take that back now because the amount of people that get mad at a lw for pulling them out of a 1v5 when they’re on crit and purple… maybe they do know better after all.


If players are annoyed by it, it means it’s doing it’s job well.


It’s the best ability they have ever added. It is quintessential OW. Sometimes a pull annoys me slightly but I just go ‘‘meh’’ because I can appreciate what it adds to the game. Adding LG is one of the few things OW2 has gotten right imo.


People be like “I was purple, 11hp and no cooldowns. How dare you lifegrip me?! I had a plan!”


Yeah, having a flank ruined by LW kinda sucks.

If I’m playing Reaper or Ball, I don’t want to be pulled by LW in any situation ever. I’d rather just take the death.

The worst is when LW gets himself in a bad position 1v4 and panic-pulls someone who wasn’t in danger so they end up dying too. Or when I take cover from a dva bomb and he pulls me back out into the open


On the rare occasion LW pulls me from this, I’m grateful. But more often I have what happened to me recently on New Junk City where LW pulled me from behind cover directly into Bob where I instantly died. He (LW) murdered me.

But it’s fun, and fun for the recipient more often than not because they were in fact gonna die whether they think so or not

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Rather dying over being saved is interesting

It’s the pride play, they don’t want to admit their strategims could have been better and would rather their mistakes be buried than brought to light by a Lifeweaver

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Yea in recent weeks I’ve watched tank players like Cyx, Emongg and Harbleu get themselves into terrible situations only to be saved and totally praise the Lifeweaver. A big difference in low-ranked and high-ranked players is the ability to admit their mistakes.


Well no. Fortunately, it’s a quintessential blizzard ability.

Also false, high rank players don’t do that. They throw when Lifeweaver is picked or when they get pulled.

The fun part about Overwatch I’ve noticed through the ranks is that everyone is equally terrible.

I’ve yet to have anyone throw my games on him, but I’m GM2-3 and not T500 so :man_shrugging:


It’s certainly not frequent now, but back when he launched that was every game for me. I went 1-15 and dropped from GM5 to Masters 5 in one go because a variety of people weren’t putting up with it.

I believe 2 of those games were natural losses and the win was because somebody on the other team threw

True, he’s substantially better now. Wonder if people realize.

Abilities that displace you are literally everywhere. Lws is the only one thats not meant to kill you and you target that for some reason. Take a pill