LGBT in Overwatch Mega(y)thread 🏳️‍🌈


yeah, i wont lie, that’s what im worried about now. as happy as i am for soldier, ship or not a lot of people expected hanzo as gay, mccree as bi, etc.


Thing is, I’m not bothered about a reaper buff; it’s the hard nerf to tanks that is an issue. It’s the worst patch to come for a while. Don’t get me wrong, I dont think the matrix nerfis going to do much, but the armour nerf? It’s going to make CC’s more impactful because it’ll be easier to burst down heroes such as Reinhardt once someone has hacked or stunned him.

Unless we get a new main tank revealed in the next few weeks, I don’t feel too good about the next patch at all.

(The Rally nerf is fair imo, if they hadn’t weakened armour too. There needs to be some compensation - which I say as a brig hater)


wait I haven’t updated the PTR what happened?


I don’t think Hanzo will get with anyone. He seems the type to be a loner forever.


This worked until i saw was nerfed and I’m about to unleash



D.Va nerf (Defense matrix cooldown 2 seconds), Reaper buff 50% more health back iirc), Brigitte nerf rally 30 seconds thing


Also general armor nerf


And outirght tank nerf with the armour nerf!


These patch notes completely and utterly destroy Orisa. Least health of all tanks, armour was sort of a saving grace, but now she’s literally 100% useless. So glad I spend 60 hours and 3000 cp on her golden gun.

To release this and not give Orisa a buff to compensate? I don’t think they are aware of this character at all.


Forgot them thanks!


That armor nerf…ugh, Jesus, gross.


Just bought D.Va’s golden gun. Shoulda been Ana lol


Hanzo seems to be a loner anyway, so his relationship status is going to be kept a mystery for a while, I think.

I’m here bracing for Gabriel to be straight, since he “managed to have a family”.

And yes, I know bi people exist, but what are the chances…


They are aware, but they’re catering to the toxic DPS players that have been whining about healing and armour for the past few months.

Edit: And

tanks have a health pool that is too high


It is clear that this patch wasn’t thought through. And I hope it’s reverted or compensated for all tanks that is directly affects.


Yeah, it seems once again that Orisa has become collateral damage in the effort to engineer the meta via balance.


DMs cooldown is as long as its max uptime… I’m sorry what.
I have gold orisa guns too! I hope she gets more buffs


Pretty sure Gabe is straight but ya never know fam. I am leaning more towards “straight” since that family looks just like him (same ethnicity etc.) and Chu said that family isn’t “random” Sure he could be bi though.


We’ve entered an age where every hero is “probably straight” since how likely is it to have more than two queer ones in a game like OW


exactly my worries on the subject.