LFG still needs some work!

The new LFG system is absolutely a great addition and a huge step in the right direction.

But i don’t think it fully serves its proposed purpose.

1. Using specific parameters

I feel that some fundamental parameters in crafting the experience are missing. These are:

- Rank
- Level
- Hours in a specific role

These parameters are even more important when grouping up for a competitive match and i feel that they are more than needed.

2. Like-minded players

For this we have endorsement limits, but we should also have the option for the group to be limited only to players with public career profiles.

With this added, i feel that point 2 is fully served.

This system has a lot of potential in further improving the experience. These are my suggestions for it.


Some suggestions of my own :

1- The ability to pick specific heroes for each slot.

For example ,I might want my DPS slots to be 1- Tracer OR genji and 2- Widowmaker OR hanzo ,I should be able to pick specific heroes ,not just specific roles.

2- the group leader should be able to switch comps mid-game if he needs to.

For example : if the leader forced a 2/2/2 ,but when he got into a match he figured that a 1/2/3 would fit the situation better ,he should be able to disable the “Force players into roles” option mid-game


I feel that some players will be completely avoided because of their picks. No one will want to play with the Torbjorn player.

This would be great! Though, i don’t find this necessary right now.

I agree somewhat. For competitive play we definitely need some type of skill rating restriction/filter. We could also do with preferably a ‘minimum level’ option as well. An option to only allow those with public profiles to join might be a good idea, I don’t know for sure though.

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2 more social features are coming soon… i can bet my glorious self one of them is/are communities…
if you don’t know what that is i’ll explain quickly,diablo 3 has them, WoW is getting them with new expansion,seems like most people at blizzard like their function, OW team probably agreed to it as well, it’s large groups that you can join and leave and create freely with no commitment, groups that are themed to do different things…
for example…i will have one for rated battleground for wow, and all people that want to do them can join.
it’s a way for people to get together to achieve same goals.
you can only be a member of one clan, you can be a member of many communities.


These are some nice suggestions☺️

I like Torb.
Maybe not the kind that never switches, but i would play around a torb all day long… just for the memes!

Everyone needs something, wouldn´t hurt to put something like that into the game.

specific heroes are map dependant most of the time .
so even if you ask for a roadhog you might want a Dva for the map


Your last example would be nice. My last ptr match with this feature our tank left group mid game and we were all locked without a tank and our random just wouldn’t switch. Unless this is already a thing and no one knows where the option to switch locks mid game is yet.

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They could just make their own group to find like-minded people who play off-meta picks/don’t mind them ,or just not use the system ,it is optional after all.

If I’m a group leader ,I would like my comps to have some sort of synergy.

for example : I’d rather not have a D.va and Zarya be our tanks ,but rather a winston and d.va or zarya and reinhardt.

Also ,they’ll still be avoided eitherway ,if the group leader specifies that your profile needs to be public and sees that you play torbjorn a lot ,he can still kick you if he doesn’t like that.

Good point ,didn’t think of that one.

I just want team comps to have some sort of synergy ,but I guess there isn’t any realistic way to implement that.

I like Torb when it’s picked in the right place. I’m not a fan of playing around something.

Rank restriction is needed. Since if you want play competetive you need right SR between members. But things like Level or Hours dont really matter. More important are skills of player.
I would like to see sub sections of roles like Main/Shiled Tank and Main Healer(Ana,Moira,Mercy).
Turning off role restriction mid game would be great.

Your group, if you see someone with a hidden profile just kick em.

Your group, see someone with low endorsement level just kick them.

Why make this extra work when you can have an option for that?

Not to say that they can join continously. A restriction would resolve that.

I want players with experience on the role they play.

Again skills matter most. You can pump in ton of hours and still not grasp basics like positioning or team play. Rank shows how good of player they are.

That’s the thing. I want someone who gained that rank as support player mainly, or tank or DPS. I don’t want them to play a role that they can’t at that rank.

That’s why i think hours is important. Experience matters aswell in my opinion.

I agree, and I also think players within the same group should have the option to switch roles amongst themselves, as long as it’s consensual between both parties. i.e I queue up for tank, and I choose Zarya, but the other team’s Widowmaker keeps getting picks. I’m not a good Rein, but let’s say our Mercy player is, and I can also play Mercy. It would then be very useful for me to take up the Support slot, and for her to take the Tank slot. This consensual trading would be very useful, without compromising the intended roles of the group, such as 2/2/2. This fixes the issue of “switching heroes is important, and role queue ruins it!”, a common and valid complaint.

That’s the entire point. You no longer have to play with the type of players you dont want to.


You are absolutely right.