LFG of Older gamers

I’m 48 and looking to play with others that are closer in age!

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We have an olderish and chill group of folks who run with our group. Our youngest is 19 and our oldest is early 70s. You can add me on discord Aristogglez#7254

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im 47. i know the feeling. you can add me. im on most nights

BattleTag: Varazslat#1338
Discord: Varazslat#7289

that sounds like a fire group u mind if i join y’all too lol. i’m 20

I’m 28 and looking for other chill/non-toxic players. Bnet: MysticRose#11666 Discord:MysticRose#9616

i played a game last week, and there was a kid, sounded about 8 years old. mic was open, the kid was singing some nonsense and talking jibberish. it was incredibly annoying. today, i’ve played at least 5 games in which all players chose dps, no support at all. the kids don’t get the concept of a team game, they all wanna be gunslingers.
i am so ready to play with the grownups! feel free to add: coffeeblack#11772

What time zone?
I’m in CA, (pacific time) … play mostly in the evenings…

What time zone you in? (i’m in Pacific)

Friend request sent.
I’m Pacific time zone

hey i may have inadvertently tossed your friend request.

I am 39 but I feel like 50. Add me.


if any of you are in EU check out Serenity Gaming EU - Looking for Group – PC - Overwatch Forums We’re all 18+ older gamers always looking for more

Add me, I’m over 50. Remember when cable TV only cost $13 a month? Good times

I’m 54 and when Cox cable first came to our area it was 5 dollars a month with that box that had a dial. At least the games are better, just buggier.

I am about 2 weeks late on this post, but i too am looking for an older group of players and some friends to game with. Is their room left?

you can always add me. I’ve had a couple folks from here add me. my info is above, i usually play around 730-8 cst till around 10.

I have a few friends I usually play with on discord, if there is an open spot, you’re welcome. Just have discord and a good mic. Just dont be shy.

You can add me if you want, I’m 30 with kids, ended last season in silver 2 but was in gold. Let me know!

You can add me! I’m 31, mostly play support gold 3! Toast#16224

53 here. Looking for teammates. Solo queuing is terrible. Hit Silver 2, then the game sent me down to Bronze 1 on reset. Mostly a tank main but been messing with support. Btag is Ironfox#1698.

Added you.

Silver 3 tank, silver 3 dps, gold 3 support. I mostly play Ana but I’ve been trying dps for the first time. And apparently I don’t know how to play tank anymore