Lfg (noobs only or respectful indv.) [Support-Silver]

Newbie, ranked in low elo is absolute and undoubtedly flaming turdy hell hole with leavers and just plain throwers who just wont focus flankers etc… please save me. I forsure am somewhere gold but im stuck Silver because this ranking only bases it off your wins and not kp or other beneficiary factors for some reason??
edit: if you need more info add me on discord or i can add it.


We can play if you want ^^

I’m in the same boat as a support player so I won’t mind to squad up.

i am a support main, and hard-stuck in bronze i was sliver 4

please add my b. net id OnigiriRice#3319

feel free to add me

and yes, I get you, I too am sick of it, I play moira to deal with flankers, cuz they wont do it