LFG Legendary Underworld/ Invasion Missions

[OCE] Looking for achievement hunters primarily for Underworld seeing its time limited but i’ll be happy to do Invasion missions too. Im based in Australia but hop around between [NA/Asia] at times so I dont mind grouping up with people there.
Feel free to add me on bnet otherwise i’ll try to respond here.


added. hope the servers are nice i usually switch between servers since OCE is pretty dead alot of the times sadly. pve is pretty doable with higher ping from my experience

I’m trying to find people for Legendary Invasion. NO ONE plays invasion here in Latam


I’ll add you. Invasion pubs are pretty bad seeing not everyone have them sadly. Got a couple of runs so far but not the best. I’ve had better luck on Underworld

I’m in AU and I’m down to beat any of the pve’s


Aussie, im down for all legendary PvE.