Lfg is not showing competitive groups at the moment

If you go to looking for group, you won’t see any comp groups at the moment. If you open one by yourself, nobody will join.

There is a report open in the bug forums, but I think its good to inform you here so you won’t wait for 10 minutes for players to join your group (like I did).

Its on EU servers btw. dont know about the others.


It’s not just EU. NA servers are doing the same

LFG has been dead for years dude.

That is what makes it funnier when someone comes and says “jUsT uSe lFg”


Not true at all. Usually I find a LfG for comp in less than 5 minutes. Maybe is dead on US servers, but for sure not on EU.


there are few but tbh lfg yurop is
60% serious qp
20% talking only
10% deranking
10% comp (goes to 5% if you master upwards)


I’m in gold and there are always some games open that fit my needs.

It is dead, m8.
I can randomly open it and there will be no comp groups at all.
Don’t believe me? Here, i did it just now:

Are you messing with me? I’m going to assume yes because winkyface

This is the bug I’m referring to in the startpost

Since when? The last patch? Looks no different than before. If it is a bug, idk you have noticed it at all.

Don’t worry. When you find an LFG group, the group leader will be a McCree One Trick with a 38% win-rate who boots you from the group because you have less than a 70% win-rate on the character you want to play anyways.


You forgot 30% e-thots looking for attention and/or boosting.


So start your own group then, god…

Fix it to 1% if ur masters upwards.


It’s because like 80% of the people that use LfG are the “OwO loli’s join” or “sadboi hours #depressiongang” people; they don’t play comp, but can often be found in Custom Games.

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Apart from LFG was released late last year

No comp groups apart from lucioball for me either


Obviously it was exaggeration.

Problem is known by Blizz, they are activly working on it: