LFG forum is nice to have, but how about something in-game?


A forum like this one or any external LFG tool can’t be seen as anything but a stop-gap.

I hope that in-game LFG tools are a priority for the Overwatch team this year.


or a guild/clan system :slight_smile:


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in game, make it happen


100% THIS. This forum is good to have, but this does not replace an IN-GAME LFG/LFM tool, (which Blizzard already has in place in WoW).

It still baffles me how they have not used the existing model in WoW and just ported something similar over to OW. It just makes no sense. Get it done already.

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We know these sub-forums aren’t a perfect solution to finding a group of players to play with in-game, but hope they can help. We hear and appreciate your feedback.

I'm SICK and TIRED ( :large_blue_diamond: LIST )

Been saying this forever! We need a IN GAME LFG/Team etc…Forums get very messy and posts are lost over time especially if EU and NA post in the same areas.


Hope to see something in game at some point. Know it takes time.

I love Overwatch


I would say this setup doesn’t quite work since it’s open to abuse(purposely joining people who are looking for something you aren’t), and won’t help the right ranks group up easily(and I do assume this feature would mostly be used for making competitive teams)
I think a good in-game system would work like this: if it’s for ranked, just have a list of all players in a compatible rank range(diamonds can not see GM party leaders, for example), with someone who wants to be party leader adding themself to the list(it’s not automatic), then they choose options like “want 2 dps 1 tank 2 heal”(they cannot dictate which character though), then they sit there waiting for specific roles to join, and people can click them in the list to join them(with like a checkbox saying which role they’re going to fill when they join)
The rank compatibility would have to adjust with each player added of course. And if someone wants to DPS, but the party leader set an option of only wanting 2 DPS, and they have 2 already, then the checkbox for doing DPS will be gone/grayed out for them(could also let the searching player filter only leaders with open slots for a specific role), so they know to check a different group.
For non-ranked grouping, it could be a similar system, just minus the rank-related visibility of parties.


These are a good first step so thank you very much, and no doubt anything in-game would take time. I think you know by now I am very passionate about grouping up and which to encourage an in-game system such as a clan system.

Also remember while grouping up is great, right now the Competitive matchmaking system still has a priority to pair group stacks together, while this seems like a fair way of doing it in that single match, over the course of how competitive operates, this protocol actually de-incentivizes teamwork at all ranks. In other words its harder to climb as a 6-stack than solo queue, because in solo queue it comes to individual plays and performance (even if Diamond and higher has no individual stat adjustments anymore), while 6-stacks must be extremely coordinated and working together (which they should be but it is not rewarding).

So if anything, if the devs have any new food for thought about how Competitive is doing as far as this goes, the community would love to hear some feedback on it. Cheers! (^^)v


They’re definitely a step in the right direction. Thanks for your efforts and openness!


I’d be so happy if this was something that happened in-game, I feel like it would be a lot easier play with people willing to flex if this were the case.