Lfg for pve challenges!

Let’s get them done! Baja#11580

Hey, I saw your post and wonder if you’re still looking for team for pve. Are you EU or NA?

NA time if youre online then

I’m EU so idk if it’ll work

I’m NA, if you’re still looking for folks. still got the ironclad and underground challenges evading me, and i’ll help with anything else you may need help with ^^

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How did you get ‘THE BABIES ARE SAFE’ challenge? I’m only missing that and ‘IRON CANNON’ outside the legendary clears at the moment. I can help with the Underground challenges already got them.

I meant so say that those are the ones I’m missing as well. I also JUST got the last underground challenge I needed done not long after posting that lol, damn battery thieves got what was coming.

LFG for challenges as well! Also looking to complete legendary mode with coordinated folks. Natsuo#11940

zhipowerz#6384, looking for group to do all legendary. completed all the archive, junkenstein and sombra junkenstien legendary until now…

maño#11286 trying to do Invasion legendary. It’s insane LFG isn’t in the game

DaDogFrog#11290 would love to get done ‘Iron cannon’, ive done my legendaries but im happy to tag along if people need help clearing them :slight_smile: should be fun