LF comp friends 21+ NA [Gold 3 current]

Heyyyyy everyone! I’m a support main and just looking for people to play with, whether that be the occasional duo/trio/whatever. I tend to play Mercy and Lucio the most, but I do also play Ana and Moira. As it says, I’m silver 3 and I’m pretty casual! Just looking for people who build others up, not tear them down, and for a group that just wants to have fun and play without taking it TOO seriously. Tired of the solo queue toxic chat life.

Feel free to drop your battle tags!

gold every role mosty play dps Rhino#12848

Hi, you can add me Stormi#11270 :slight_smile:

Will add you both. 9 games lost in a row because nobody wants to work together or counter and people would rather just sit and be toxic :slight_smile: Solo queue is absolute garbage lol

We have a solid non-toxic group that runs games, you can add me on discord Aristogglez#7254

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I’d ask if I could join but I’m under 21. I don’t mind playing around people who are ~4 years older than me, but I get it if you don’t wanna.

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@Aristogglez I don’t have discord but you can drop your Battletag and we can talk!

@itsmecthulhu I’m open to that, yeah! Just said that in terms of a maturity thing, but you can send me your battle tag and we can play!

Hi would love to play some of yall! I’m a support main (silver 2). I main Kiriko, Mercy, and Bap. Would love to play with y’all!


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sorry after i added u i accidentally
block u right after i send u a new one @ heysoupie

@heysoupie I’ll add you when I’m on next!

Oop, totally forgot about this, its ItsMeCthulhu#1918 if you’re still interested.

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No worries! I added you. Also current rank is Gold 3 so this is a bit outdated LOL

Hey, id love to play! I can play any role but I main Dps mostly Ashe and Echo, I didn’t play much comp back in Ow 1 but I placed in gold I’m unranked atm as I took a break from Ow but I’m ready to start climbing again :slight_smile: :heart: Bnet: MysticRose#11666 Discord: MysticRose#9616