LF casual qp, aracade 18+ players with good sportsmanship

If you are below diamond or unranked, you are welcome to join! My friends and I can coach you one or two things if you need help!

If you are above Diamond or even in T500, im eager for sweaty matches too!

Discord: BlackLily#9593

Sounds good but you aren’t accepting discord friend invites. Here’s mine: Calovar#7178.


Added u

Cheers omg i hope you play on NA

would love to play! sccurve#7677 discord

I’m down for casual QP. Haven’t touched comp since the overwatch 1 days before GOATs became a thing.

Low diamond ish elo. Hitscan dps main (okay, by hitscan, I mean widow main, but I have a decent cass/soldier too), but can flex to support too.


yeah im keen give us an add ImSCOTT#9999

What region you’re playing in?

Been playing since 2016, good understanding of the game. I main tank mostly rein but can play all the supports to a high level too. haven’t touched ranked in ow2 at all but got into plat in ow1.
add me if still looking.