LF 50% hp turret Ironclad challenge

It’s impossible to complete it playing with bots, and I find 0 people

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If only I had the PVE bundle… id help you but here in Brazil it costs $70 so thats a huge no for me :frowning:

Did you get this yet? I finally have the weekend off. I’ve got all day to get this with you, if you haven’t already. I think we could get it with just two.

I coorindated with a few others yesterday. Wasn’t that bad; took two tries and I did need a full team.

If you are still trying we can try together. I want the achievement too

Hey, if anyone is still trying to complete the Ironclad pve, add me: Sticks#11929

I can add you later, when will you be playing?

Can’t play today cause I got college classes throughout the day, but imma hop on tomorrow at 5pm est if thats okay with u

If it could be a bit later, maybe 18, that would be great.
I sent u the request btw

Sounds good, I accepted the request

If anyone else wants to join add me: Sticks#11929

Let me know when you’re ready to start