Levels You Would Love to See

It’s been awhile since we saw a thread like this, so does anyone have maps they would like to be included?

Do you want an underwater Bioshock-like map? A floating island in the sky where you can be pushed off of? A James Bond-like Talon themed Volcanic level? A level in the dark surrounded by fog and or rain?

I’ve always loved rain forests. They’re really an underused environment for game levels.
Edit: just more tropical levels in general.

There is a technical reason for this. Trees are expensive (in terms of the “rendering budget”) to make in most video games.


I understand that. It would still be really cool is what I’m saying.

I like big cities and I like warzones.

I want to see a part of the world that’s been absolutely brutalized by the overwatch conflict. Kinda like eichenwalde, but less colorful. The concept art for the game had tons of this.

I would also like to see another huge metropolis. Something that has you pushing a payload across an elevated sky bridge between skyscrapers or something.

I hope that for next Archives we get the Attack on Overwatch Switzerland’s Base pve, introducing that map later on as a pvp map. The pve could even be dual (as in you can play as the attacking team or the defending team, both teams having npcs).

We need MORE night time, fog and rain maps. The render engine could use an adjustment to particle effect used in WoW so the player can adjust it based upon the GPU’s abilities. Whomever did that engine at Blizzard for WoW. …

GENIUS. It was very well done. :smiley: That game’s engine was VERY well thought out, because a player even with a VERY old pc, could adjust it so it could play at around 20fps and those that had powerful computers, could up the effects and still play the game well.

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Even having somewhere that still has a lot of man-made structures within a forest setting would be nice! Paladins has a lot of maps that do this, maybe you could take some inspiration from those! Personally I’m just getting a bit tired of every map being some sort of urban sprawl. Maybe a payload map where you escort a raft along a shallow river? You could have some trees here and there, and build up cliffs on either side to define the edges of the map while staying in budget!

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A map on a moon.
No thatll never work

Well, here’s a crazy one: a hybrid map set in wrecked cargo ship. You first have to secure the payload in the hold. An elevator take the payload to the deck, where you wind your way through a short maze of busted cargo boxes. Final point is an evac point set up on the beach at the base of a ramp.


Ez fix, skip actual 3D models and just use sprites.

might look a tiiiiiiny bit different

I’d love some sort of isolted nature map. Maybe not a forest (although it’s be great), but maybe along a beach below a cliff, or up a snowy mountain, or through a natural cave system.

Also, more maps with unique mechanics like fog, swimming, switches, hazards, and npcs wpuld be great.

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I mean, we have Black Forest. A few more trees wouldn’t hurt. They could build the map like a ravine (you know, in between cliffsides) with trees here and there, with a stream running alongside in part of the payload path, entering a facility set inside the rock.

Imagine King’s Row with cliffsides instead of buildings, with trees…

They should make the Blizzard arena into a KotH map.

That’d be pretty cool, ngl

  1. A level where environment comes and goes example, lava rises to delete grounds then lowers again.
  2. Tracer’s aviation lab where players can shoot switches to turn off and on time speed i.e. speed slows down and speeds up accordingly.
  3. A vertical map where players fight for the high grounds for a cap point.
  4. A map with vehicles driving through the middle so players fight each other and avoid getting hit.
  5. A mech garage where players can activate a titan mech to shoot opponents after securing the mech.
  6. A map with AI bots fighting in the map so it’s 6 vs 6 vs AI bots.

I just want something totally different. :thinking:
“Imagination is the essence of discovery”

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Any map with less than perfect weather would be nice. Even London is clear, then Havana had a storm but couldn’t be used outside the event for some reason.

On the Blizzard World map, we only see a portion of the theme park but there are maps around the… map that show there is more of the theme park to see. I’d like to see those parts, but it would be cool if they did something else besides escort payload.

An extremely tight and small map with lots of corridors.
Yes, sniper will be a nightmare but there’s just something about tight corridors that I really like, dunno what though

cliffside outdoors naturey Ireland or Scotland