Let's talk about Gency and Pharmercy

So, it seems like the devs are afraid on confirming both ships. On one hand, Gency has significantly more supporters (from what I’ve seen), but on the other hand, Pharmercy shippers are significantly more vocal than Gency shippers. Both sides will riot if the other is confirmed. Do y’all think the same thing??

they are not afraid, they are being cautious, i know it seems they are, but blizzard developers or the story department are not stupid, they know if they relase too much information will backfire later, confirming one ship will make angry forever the fans of the other ship, is simple, they preffer to keep everything vague to keep fueling the fans expectations that will never be fulfilled, if the fans fight between them is not blizzard problem, if they make angry a group they will be angry at blizzard, dont think too much about it, ow will never be about romance, they will never pair two playable characters

with that say, is very interesting how they are kinda forcing pharmercy above the genji shipp, pharah being lesbian is not subte at all, pharah sudenly is closer to mercy, mercy is glad to see pharah, they call each other by name. and im not going to lie, i like it

Afraid? They’re currently teasing Pharmercy at every opportunity they have. At this rate Mercy will be confirmed bisexual by next pride if they don’t already have a Pharah/Mercy valentines event planned.

I genuinely don’t understand how it could or is even allowed to happen though, Genji and Mercy were all but confirmed, so much of the fandom still assumes they’re together and then out of nowhere it’s looking like new writers might bodyslam this historic pairing into the pavement with barely any justification, just so they can make Pharmercy a thing.


Whoever it is it’ll be the first couple in the roster.

Aside from that I think the main reason people prefer Genji to Pharah is…I’m gonna say it bluntly: Pharah is boring. She barely has any personality in game.


I’m still holding out for Pharah/Brigitte.


Tbh, I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if they were purposefully fanning the flames of a ship-war to rev up more interest in the fandom again. It’s cheap and crappy, but they’d be far from the first to manipulate fans that way.

Yeah…and it doesn’t exactly help that Mercy isn’t the most spicy character herself and the interactions with Pharah are all “Tehehe, my knight in flying armor” cheerleader drivel. Pharah badly needs a woman who will bring out and help develop her personality more.


Whatever they’re doing, I just hope they decide to have fun with it, because I hate how miserable it’s feeling right now. It’s not like there aren’t tons of interesting things they could do. Why not play up a rivalry between Genji and Pharah? Pharah is already a soft-counter to Genji in-game, that could be a fun thing to explore in the lore as well. Or perhaps Genji and Mercy had a relationship at some point, but it didn’t pan out and that was one of the reasons why he left for Nepal? That’d still be kind of bullsh*t, but at least it’s more engaging than: “Oh yeah that thing between Mercy and Genji in overwatch 1? That wasn’t anything and you were stupid for believing there ever had been anything, also here’s Pharmercy instead.”

Although I suppose Pharmercy have a lot of ground to cover to catch up to the amount of development Gency got, so I hope what they’re doing and they’ll then continue feeding both ships after. But really, so far there hasn’t been any signs that the new writers post-Michael Chu has any interest in having Genji and Mercy interact like they did in OW1, which pains me a lot.

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What I think about Gency? They wanted to speedrun making it a thing before building some chemistry between them. In the process making Mercy more and more annoying and holding Genji back from having more interesting plotlines and relationships. They didn’t even try to show how these two characters from the opposite sides of the moral spectrum could find some understanding. It never stuck the landing in OW1, because there was no proper build up, and nowhere to go from that. As a result fans did a lot of decanonization and ran with it.

What I think about Pharmercy? In OW1 they didn’t like the idea, because they preferred Gency. Even though Pharah and Mercy had points of connection in both design and story, they went out of their way for these two not to interact. Avoiding even mentioning Pharah on the Valkyrie short story, when it would’ve made sense these two characters interact (remember that, at that a time, we got way less lore). OW2 surprised me by giving them an interaction that sounded like something they would’ve given to Ana and Reinhardt. Then, they made Hades Pharah mention her wife, so I thought they were queerbaiting, which I think they know is a bad thing to do. So later they released the Baptiste and Pharah short story that confirmed her as a lesbian, and if you aren’t one of the myopic people that goes: “bLIzzArd mAKes GaYS To hIDe coNTRoveRsiES” you noticed the buildup of Pharah’s and Bap’s reveals.

So we have 2 different writing philosophies: in OW1 they exposed what they wanted us to see, and left other things open ended for their future development; in OW2 they see it as a new beginning for the franchise, they even sometimes go back in the story to give it a more solid foundation, and at the same time, develop the present, so we get make the connections between the points.

Which you prefer is a matter of opinion. Both have strength and weakness. Shipping aside, I’m just happy that I got to see my favorite character develop, from what was set up in OW1 and some of the pay off in OW2 (I say some, because there are hints that she still has some exiting developments ahead).


Speedrun it how? Their interactions were added in very gradually. How did it make Mercy annoying? How did it hold back Genji from having interesting plotlines and relationships? It’s fine to say you don’t like the ship and because of that you found their characterization annoying, but that doesn’t make it inherently true to the characters themselves.

And please don’t say it didn’t “stick”, Genji and Mercy is by a good margin the most popular Overwatch ship.

What story connection did they have in Overwatch 1? The fact that Pharah wasn’t mentioned at all in Valkyrie should tell you all you need to know about what their relationship used to be, she was Ana’s daughter and not much more than that, aside from having a few friendly voice lines(most of which being about Ana).

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Their first interaction we got in game was Genji thanking Mercy for saving his life, the second was the valentine’s day ones.

At the start they made Mercy to be this confident doctor that was proud of her work, but because they liked the fan interpretation that she was this sassy girl that was always stressed and disappointed about her team, the writers kept pushing this characterization on her. Which makes her interactions very juvenile, and more ridiculous when Moira is way better at being sassy. It’s no surprise the new gency interaction made people upset when it’s totally in character for her.

Like how in the archives event we could have had a Genji that was going through an internal conflict about his cyborg identity at the brink of leaving OW. We could’ve gotten an interesting relationship between him and Tracer, as they’ve both became weapons for OW and that the organization was kind of responsible for the physical state. It would’ve been cool to see their perspectives about that. It would add a lot of dept to their characters. Instead we got the writers awkwardly pushing shipping, ‘cigars are bad for you’, and Winston taxes when the characters were supposed to be in the middle of the mission.

I wrote “It never stuck the landing”, because they never made it official. That’s what I meant with that expression, not that it doesn’t have fans. And YeHan (Hanzo/Cassidy) is the most popular ship by far, it’s not even close.

Mercy lived 2 years in Cairo, working near the Temple of Anubis(in Giza), the exact place where Pharah(Helix) works. Mercy also mentions knowing information about the equipment Helix uses, and since we know that Pharah and Mercy hang out, because Pharah has a picture with her in her locker, we know how Mercy got that information. Pharah and Mercy have common people that they both are close to (beside Ana), like Cassidy, Rein, Brig and Torb.
Both characters want to help people, but each of them do it in their particular way. Pharah is doing so by upholding her family legacy, she comes from a lineage of decorated military officers. However, that also generated a divide between her and Ana, so for Pharah to fulfill her dream she had to go against her mother’s will. Mercy is an orphan, so she doesn’t have family legacy to uphold, but the death of her family was what motivated her to pursue medicine and help people to avoid the fate her family had. Also the character themes of mercy and justice are closely connected, because there isn’t justice without mercy.
These are just some of the lore points from OW1, I could also talk about their designs and creations, that is part of storytelling, which made these 2 heroes connected from the start.

Anyway, the writers if they want to build up more about the type of connection they have, there’s already a lot they can work with.

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That second line was very casual in tone. Compare that to “my knight in flying armor” and Mercy’s other fangirly lines for Pharah in OW2 lmao. All of this coming completely out of nowhere with no precedent. Are you serious?

This really doesn’t have anything to do with her relationship with Genji. It would’ve happened regardless. Even in OW2, her gameplay voicelines sound more juvenile than before.

The mission was intentionally lighter in tone. We got edgier insight into Genji with the Blackwatch mission. I agree that they could’ve taken better advantage with interactions, but again, this is not a consequence of Genji and Mercy. They were trying to build a relationship between them. Just because you don’t care about it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be there. Also, I don’t know why you think it’s appropriate for them to have deep conversations about their lives in the middle of a mission vs casual conversation that isn’t nearly as distracting.

This is pretty funny now, because Mercy does not mention Pharah one time in her story despite just finding out her mother is alive, yet we’re supposed to believe they were “close” there. You can say what you want about that, but it’s what was written. She doesn’t even think of Pharah when she needs someone strong to lift something for her lol. On top of that, she compares her place of work to a terrorist organization. So why on Earth is she acting like fan girl over her? Why have we not seen her mention once how she doesn’t like Pharah working with these mercenaries who are no better than Talon in her eyes? I’ll tell you exactly why, because the writers are doing exactly what you always wrongly accused Chu of doing, prioritizing their idealized fanship over everything.

The hilarious thing is, none of this actually disqualifies Pharah and Mercy as a couple. They could still work their way towards a relationship without it reading like femslash fanfiction prioritizing cuteness over making sense. The way they’re doing it so disingenuous.


I’m not gonna address everything, because Magick already made a good response.

The letter scene in Reflections came before, and prior to that they also had special voice lines with each other when either of them were in danger. Their relationship was clearly meant from the very beginning, it wasn’t a “speedrun”.

And this characterization of Mercy is in direct contrast to how she acts(or used to act with Genji) where she was generally very sweet to him, so I don’t know why you blame Genji/Mercy for the new writers giving her such a spicy personality.

That mission was about Overwatch in its prime, it would’ve been a huge tonal clash if we had another mission of angsty Genji. And I’ve never heard of any lore indicating Tracer was being used as a weapon or that she was in any way bitter about her experience in Overwatch as a whole, that was Genji’s thing in Blackwatch. I guess I just disagree; I thought Storm Rising was an excellent addition to the lore, it showed us the fun dynamics between these characters.

Ah my bad. Check the statistic on tiktok though, #YeeHan is currently on 21m views(more than Pharmercy admittedly), which isn’t even half of #Gency which is at 43m views.

This was added very recently, after Michael Chu left. Calling it OW1 lore is being generous. If we go by Valkyrie, you’d even think there would be reason for Mercy to not find Pharah entirely agreeable, considering she really seems to dislike the people she works for. Thematically and visually, they make a great pairing, but the lore really hasn’t supported them until OW2 shoehorned in a lot of stuff. (in actual Speedrunning fashion, it has been what, a year since the game came out? A couple of years since New Blood?)

If the writers wants to explore Pharah and Mercy’s relationship, I’m all for it. As long as it doesn’t interfere with all the buildup between Genji and Mercy. But even then, the obvious switch in direction is jarring and I’ve seen many people, including Pharmercy shippers, seem to think so as well.

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mercy can hate helix but not pharah, she hates overwatch but works for it.

i think mercy characterization always has been inconsistent, one of the characters who change a lot depending the source, everyone talks with so much respect to mercy and everyone threat her like she is the nicest person in the world, but then she is sarcastic, sassy, a lot of her voice lines are kinda rude, even if they are a joke it kinda crash with the image mercy should give, the nicest person ever. she hates violence and any militaristic organization, still she worked for overwatch, couldnt she work in any other pacifist organization, why in ow? she is against ow coming back still she comes back to ow, is there any comic or short story i miss why and how mercy decided to answer the recal? if she wants to help people she was already heping in egypt wihout using a gun. but then in gameplay she is “pew pew i killed you lol you should be so ashmed”

now, mercy talks about pharah like she is happy for her “your mother should be proud” “keep going fareeha” or things like that, mercy can easily like pharah because she is doing something good and is her dream, she is not like other helix people, mercenaries like soldier 76 says

of course would be awsome if someday all of this is explored someday somewhere, a comic, short story, heck, an animated series, mercy left egypt without saying goodbye to pharah and pharah says its something mercy would do or she didnt have to do it because neither pharah would say goodbye, WHY? i need to know, what happened between pharah and mercy in egypt?

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So you are saying the voice interaction that made gency “canon” didn’t.
But Mercy sounding amused by Pharah trying to act in a chivalrous manner like Reinhardt, which we know she idolized growing up, is like totally out of line. When in the OW1 voice lines they were casual towards each other. Also, fangirling? And you ask me if I’m being serious…

That’s my mistake. In the original post I didn’t make the distinction that I was talking about how the characters have developed along the game story. That’s why I didn’t even mention Mercy in the next paragraph, because I would be just repeating myself.

I think the problem is more in the delivery of the lines, that’s why they sound juvenile. I don’t know if that’s the direction or it was how the VA decided to go with.

The lighter tone was a mistake, they were after a Talon high up, and exploding cars in the middle of an avenue. Chase scenes imply urgency! The other missions balanced the casual and the serious parts better. SR felt like teen titans go episode(/hyperbole). They could’ve said more important things about all the heroes or the org as a whole because it was nearing its downfall, and something deep doesn’t need to be a long dialog or psychology talk, just something below the skin. All we got was more of the shallow writing OW has been known for.

What was written contradicted what was also written at the time. Mercy and Pharah had friendly and respectful voice lines, where they even mentioned Ana, while in the story we get the author completely ignores that. But it’s not like the story is her biography, it represents the events of the day that Mercy changed her mind about recall, and other perspectives, with a little of character background. And the writers acknowledge that she left abruptly without talking to Pharah and makes it a plot point in the Bap short story. Which shows consistency.

Did you go through my posting history to come up this point? It must’ve been like 3 years since I talked about this stuff. Anyways, if you “stalked” my posts better, you would’ve know that I’ve corrected myself that the writer wanted to join the shipping like the fans did at the time, not that he was shipping to please fans.
And the new writers aren’t prioritizing Pharmercy, we got a bunch of characters relationships developed by the “new writers”. We got more about Ana and Pharah; Reaper’s family; Rein, Brig, Torb and his wife children and grandchildren; Liao, Echo and Cassidy; Cassidy and Bap; that Dva keeps contact with Daehyun; Zarya, Mei and Lúcio are becoming friends; Genji and Zen. These are just some that I quickly remembered.

In the past I would also make analogies between bad writing and fanfiction. But I realized this type of comparison is a lot of times rooted in misogyny and it also downplays romance as a lesser genre, which is not true, because its association with women. So this doesn’t help the argument.

The valentine’s day voice line was datamined around the same time as the comic came out. That’s what made people speculate about the comic. And if they were planned from the start it just proves my point that they have no build up.

Mercy was always sassy to him and other characters she was close with like for example, with Torbjorn, that seemed like a mentor figure to her. Also, I don’t blame the new writers for giving her this personality (I don’t know where you get that from), they are working with what was stablished.

Quite the opposite, it was closer to OW shutting down. Ana and Mei were dead, the Blackwatch operation ruined the public perception of OW. In Genji’s bio it said that he left OW because he was conflicted about his body and how he has become a weapon, getting more and more cybernetic. In the timeline it would’ve been close to SR.
Tracer got her “powers” while testing a teleporting jet prototype for OW, Winston saved but she has to use her chronal accelerator for the rest of her life, then she became an agent for them.

Do I need to explain why the view count on tiktok isn’t a good measurement of the entirety of a community? I feel like I don’t. Especially a social media that is populated by sludge content, view farms and reuploads.
Also Yehan used to go by McHanzo, but with the name change it makes it even harder to track it all down.

The New Blood comic came out in 2021, OW2 in 2022 in “early access”. Being officially released in 2023.

She can dislike the people Pharah works for and not dislike her. And her opinion on helix doesn’t make much sense because they basically play the role OW did before it was shut down.

Also I don’t know how it’s shoehorned in when they have so many people they know, and are close to, in common. Nobody said that Pharah considering Cassidy a big brother in OW2 was shoehorned when they never said mentioned it in OW1. If you consider the voice lines in OW1 indication of that, then it’s fair to say that Pharah was also close to Mercy, because they also had interactions that indicated their closeness.

The comic, the voicelines, all of it were part of the build-up. I know what you mean, that they should have “tested the waters” and had them interact about more mundane stuff before adding valentines day voice lines, but I don’t see a problem with it since their closeness already made a lot of sense considering their backstories.

When Mercy was sassy with Genji, it was always in a warm context. Now she tells junkrat to shut his mouth when he’s asking her for advice, imo, Mercy is not written the same anymore.

My mistake, I was under the impression the mission took place a couple of years before for some reason. But to be fair, the fall of overwatch happened very suddenly, even if a few characters had their own reservations about the organization, so you could still possibly see Storm Rising as part of the peak of overwatch.

Then what is? You won’t find much McHanzo/YeeHan content with more views than Gency stuff on youtube either. I’d pretty confidently stand by my statement that Gency is the most popular Overwatch ship.

Yea technically it came before OW2, but Michael Chu is only listed as a “contributor” in a list of many.

Sure, but it is never explored or even addressed. And she explains her reasoning well enough, Helix pretends to be a peacekeeping force like Overwatch, but only really acts in the interest of the government and not what’s good for the people.

Mercy also knows a lot of people close to Cassidy, you wouldn’t find it odd if they suddenly pushed for a close relationship between them? And Pharah and Cassidy having a brother/sister relationship isn’t a new thing, this is from OW1:

  • Cassidy: Just remember, Pharah, we ain’t playing with toy guns anymore.
  • Pharah: Good. I’m much better with the real thing.

Pharah and Mercy had a total of 3 interactions, 2 of which being about Ana, Mercy’s colleague and friend and the last one is about clearing the skies together. I don’t see how this is supposed to show off their close relationship, in fact, more than anything it gives me the impression she was closer to Ana, since she knew about her personal wishes and hopes for her daughter, but didn’t know Pharah was so bitter about them.

The next thing we know, Pharah is her knight in flying armor and she is very happy to see her in Overwatch over any other returning character, after not even saying goodbye to her before leaving Cairo. It doesn’t feel natural or well developed, it doesn’t make sense in the lore, it absolutely feels shoehorned imo.

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Arent they already confirmed to be a couple though???

During the Games first Pride event, Pharah is revealed as a Lesbian and Angela does not seem to be opposed to the idea of going on a date with her according to dialog

Nope, Pharah got revealed lesbian, but seems to associate some pain with Mercy for reasons we’re not entirely sure of yet and they didn’t give us any indication as to the identity of Mercy’s crush.

Besides if dates were the only thing confirming a couple, Genji and Mercy would already be dating as she asked him out on one in Storm Rising.


It isn’t a problem with just their relationship, a lot of the story happens in a rushed way.

She is rude with people she likes. In OW1 there was a voice interaction where Torb says he has a headache, and instead of saying something helpful to him, Mercy says that he should “get his head checked” in a very aggressive way.

Fandom is spread in a bunch of social media platforms. Specially fanfiction and fanart sites, which has the most dedicated fans that are actively creating content.
The problem with tiktok as a measurement is that 1 view isn’t equal to 1 fan, and people farm views, so numbers are skewed. Other point is that the tiktok demographic ismostly young people while OW, and other blizzard games, have big diverse pool of age and gender.

People have the wrong notion that a game(and other forms of entertainment) follows only the vision the of the lead writer (or director, or scriptwriter, etc.). But that is not true. While Michael Chu was a lead writer for a long time, he wasn’t the only writer. The concept of OW was created by also an already famous writer from blizzard that later retired. Most of the comics, books, short stories, animated shorts are written by different people. Even Jeff, the ex OW director, had lore credits.
Even if Chu isn’t the writer anymore, it was never his solo vision that made the story and characters.

I know about this interaction, and it existing gives support to their siblings relationship.
In a similar way with Mercy knowing the conditions Pharah works, having shared friends, and friendly voice lines. It isn’t a stretch to think that they can be casual to each other. Like I said in the other post, their interaction is mostly making fun of Pharah for, maybe unconsciously, acting like Rein, because she admires him.
The context of Pharah’s character development is also important, because she changed when it comes to her relationship with those close to her.


I’m saying the dialogue is insanely corny even by Overwatch standards, trying to play on the knight in shining armor trope complete with a cheesy pun. It’s obviously designed to make fanficers squeal. Mercy and Pharah never spoke to each other this way in any regard for years. The Valentine’s Day line was subtle in comparison. Yes it had romantic undertones just in concept, but it was a seasonal line that played one day out of the year on one specific map and didn’t try to sound cutsie. It was as casual as could be.

And yes, “fangirling.” Mercy excitedly asking “is this what it’s like to be Fareeha?” or “Valkyrie justice” when getting a nano kill and quoting her lines when she gets a boop kill.

If Chu had her act like this with Genji, you would’ve never heard the end of how he only sees Mercy as as an accessory. You already never heard the end of that, and he was as subtle as could be about their relationship, enough that there was always plausible deniability. But it would’ve been so much worse.

I understand what you’re saying to a degree. Though when you have two characters that can move at incomprehensible speed and should be able to instantly catch the target, a chase mission isn’t the best concept logically in the first place.

Mercy and Pharah had hypothetical spawn room interactions like everyone else. It doesn’t mean they were in touch in the lore. Those are supposed to indicate the nature of these characters’ relationships should they have a conversation. It was completely reasonable that Mercy might not be in contact with Pharah. It’s not reasonable to say “oh, she was spending time with her all this time,” has an entire inner monologue about how Helix is horrible, but doesn’t once think of how she wishes Pharah wasn’t with them. It’s not reasonable how she hasn’t once indicated her disdain for the organization in-game. You can say it’s Chu’s fault, but that is obviously because he wasn’t developing a Pharah and Mercy relationship.

The new writers are retconning this stuff in there because they’re either too lazy or too impatient to just do it right. It’s totally disingenuous.

I wouldn’t expect you to recognize me because I’ve changed my name so many times. But we’ve had discussions about Genji’s writing specifically several times before. Often Mercy would get brought up too.

Let me be more specific, they’re prioritizing Pharmercy fan service and being cute over developing their relationship properly. It would make more sense to start their relationship off rocky because Pharah is with Helix, then get to a point where they start warming up to each other. Instead we get this crap where Pharah probably always had a crush on her and now Mercy is slowly going to fall for her coworkers daughter that she met when she was 12 because…who knows, honestly. No genuine chemistry at all in the way they’re doing it, besides conceptual parallels and in-game synergy. Might as well say they’re destined to be together through cosmic force.

I don’t use that analogy lightly. It isn’t mere bias. I never used it for Tracer/Emily even though I preferred Genji and Tracer to be together. I only use it here because the Pharmercy stuff has been truly rotten.

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Overwatch always had corny dialog, OW is made by corny dialog and characters. A bunch of characters look like they are from a futuristic Village People. There are interactions about Tracer bringing bananas to Winston and him being addicted to peanut butter. Heroes making fun of Reaper being edgy. Soldier being an old grumpy man complaining about Dva’s video games. All of these voice lines from OW1. If the corniness was an issue, it was there from the start, it’s part of the writing style of the game.

The valentine voice lines are super corny, they even mention Swiss chocolate because one of the characters is Swiss. One can only get is more cheesy by mentioning Swiss cheese.

She mentions Pharah when she makes an elimination because she’s the other winged character, she could mention Echo, but there’s no reference that they’ve shared conversations about their missions. The “Valkyrie justice” line has to do with the fact that Mercy’s suit is called the Valkyrie suit (they even gave her a literal Valkyrie skin to her because of that), and the justice is because the lines triggers when you get a revenge kill, meaning that you got a payback, or, you know, justice.

But he did give them corny dialog. The had the screaming each other’s name anime trope, that’s in every shonen anime.

Spawn room voice interactions become canon when the character are known to interact or have interacted. Evidence of that is the interaction Tracer had with Pharah, where she teased her about the opportunity of joining OW, for later the NB comic to come out and Pharah mentioned that she had already been contacted by Tracer. The only voice lines that are pure hypothetical are the ones that the characters are too removed from the lore yet. Like JQ talking to Mercy, or Junkrat talking to Ana.
People ignore the nature of the Pharah and Mercy interaction as just them talking about Ana, but this completely ignores the context. Which is absurd if someone wants to make any kind of analysis. We know Ana is the most important person to Pharah, so for Mercy to mention her “dead” mother in a conversation implies intimacy. Because an acquaintance wouldn’t just mention what their parent might’ve thought of them, more than 5 years after their “death”. That would be weird and uncalled for.
It’s reasonable to think they’ve contacted because Mercy was physically working at the same place Pharah was, they have a lot of common friends and goals.

Giving more past context to a thing that is already implied to exist isn’t what retconning means, or else all the archives events would be considered retcons.

3 years is a long time to commit what someone wrote to mind.

The writers not addressing what specifically Mercy thinks of Helix makes sense because it’s was already a stupid point when it was created. Helix job was defending the world from Anubis after OW was shut down, and they did that and died a lot doing so. Mercy herself mention that the region is in a bad state because of the way OW left it before.
If you think their friendship would only work if the writers showed that Helix had improved, they already did that. In the NB comic Pharah mention that they’ve improved the safety in Egypt and even beyond its borders.
Again, the short story Pharah mentions that they hung out for a while in Cairo and that Mercy had complicated feeling about OW, so yeah, they talked out about their views.

They never addressed Genji being an assassin, working with blackwatch, and Mercy contributing to his body, and people think their relationship is peak writing.

It is still a bad analogy to use because it’s mysoginist implication, made even worse when associated with lesbian relationships and somehow with something rotten.

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