Lets take a look at the new Reaper


Some math and comparisons to explain in more detail what Reapers buffs mean for him.

Primary fire:

  • 50% of 280DPS would give Reaper 140HPS
  • 40% - 112HPS
  • 30% - 84HPS

This is assuming you are in optimal range and all your pellets hit.


  • 50% of 170DPS would give Reaper 85HPS x each target with a potential of 510HPS
  • 40% - 68HPS - 408HPS
  • 30% - 51HPS - 306HPS

4 targets are required to get zen ult like healing @340HPS dealing 680DPS.
Reaper deals 1020DPS during deathblossom.


I think Reapers ult is more of a area denial now as the team wont be able to burn him down like before.
Altho he will be strong if he gets close he is still weak against CC.
Maybe 50% was a bit much and 40% is a better number but we will have to wait and see.


Even with 50% life steal he going to be bad.

They need to rework shadow step its useless.


first off wtf are you thinking blizz ? i went to ptr used No abilitys as creaper yes Creaper and i was vs a road hog i stood still so he could easily kill me. He hooked me and all i did was shoot at his chest/belly and reaper won without any ability’s. then i stood still letting him again use his ability’s hooked me and healed himel with me again using no ability’s and shooting him in the head and won again with ease. HE IS A TANK KILLER i was tracer vs reaper and he 2 shoots me and him getting 2 shots off is less then 1 sec . Then i tried the TANK KILLER vs other people and reaper is overpowered a stop his healing to 30 if he gets a headshot and 20 for anywhere else . or keep him as he is in the ptr but make his aim harder like Ashe or leave his aim and his shoot heal the same but take all his ability’s away he is overpowered as it is. if you are like no he is not he iS bad he needs a buff then your a reaper main who only wants his buffs because you like using a already OP character or you cant aim or you just cant play him. make say old lady ana sniper scope do as much as widdows scope DMG widdow has abilitys other then scope dmg just like ana does. Simply make the characters that get played the least better and stop bufing people that are played a lot .