Let's start the Clock: Mercy


Let’s start a clock shall we

People are goign to spend 1 month playing other supports but eventually people who actually enjoy this for some reason will pick her up again, they’ll continue using rez as we have been for the last half year and we’ll be right back where we started.

Mark my words, this will not change anything


I don’t know man. That Ana buff is looking pretty sweet.


I’m sure it is, and it’s at least something the Ana players have suggested, might not be exactly what she needed but it’ll help,

Literally everything in this patch is a good idea except Mercy, and maybe Brig I don’t know about that one yet I’d have rathe rthey experiemented with a slow effect personally but we’ll have to wait and see.


Having Mercy falling out of meta was never the intention anyway. I haven’t seen them saying like that anywhere so yes, nothing will change of course.

Marketing above all.


Oh no, she’ll find her way back to 14% pickrates and when she does there’s nothing left o nerf


It won’t be people that enjoy playing Mercy that will pick her back up, it will be people that want to win, because having Rez as a cooldown ability is still incredibly broken and it will remain to be OP until it’s UP. Rez as a cooldown ability can never be balanced.


You my friend have it right

Unfortunately for any team I solo queue into Mercy is the only hero I will never pick up.
I’ll keep my memories of playing that hero while she was fun in tact


It can be, if it’s made an ult-lite, by giving it a charge time like ult, while keeping it at E.


It can be balanced on E
But not with a static cooldown
That’s the proper way to explain this non sense.


Yeah it will. It’ll make Mercy trash tier when they finally remove Rez since her healing output was a core part of her kit


Is it a cooldown ability at that point? I would call that a resource ability. But, I digress, semantics semantics. The point is, it’s Rez that needs to be looked at, not anything else.



Hey folks,

Thanks for the feedback, however we’re going to go ahead and lock this up now. If you have any feedback regarding Mercy (or any of the other changes), we recommend submitting the feedback in this thread.