Lets settle this skill-aim-blabla thing


The main skill with Winston is just shield management and not over-extending. To get real value beyond just picks, yeah he needs to coordinate, but so does half the roster in that regard. The reality is even Sym 2.0 didn’t rely mainly on her primary fire, it’s kind of amazing even now that there was this much bitterness over that attack…


Agree with the OP. For example, fhen it comes to movement abilities and team awareness, Mercy is more difficult than Soldier or Widow.

Also, once you can aim, that’s a skill in the bank - you dont lose it when you play other characters.


No aim heroes like moira , winston, sym and rein do not have weaker kits compared to aim based heroes. As such, they do not require any skill that those heroes dont, while not needing the aim skill that those heroes do. Simple.


Winston is the exception to that rule and only because of the versatility of his bubble and ultimate. At least two thirds of Overwatch’s cast are aim intensive heroes, some more so than others.

And no, if you can be on the same level as someone who has put 1000 hours into the game after putting 10 hours into the game, that is not okay because then there is no reason to play that hero. It is hard to play for no reason and literally sucks all the fun & strategy of a matchup out of the game unless you are god tier.

you essentially want to rip that away from people who have worked for it because you haven’t and won’t. it’s actually disgusting to behold the level of entitlement that casual players exhibit in a competitive game environment.

all they do is make excuses and preach to everybody else about how THEY need to step up when they choose to take the escalator over the steps every time they’re presented with the opportunity to choose the other.


Peel is when other members of the team fall back in order to protect supports. Discord orb is when zen presses e. :slight_smile:


“Tanks take positioning and game sense!”

Yes, so does every other hero…


Not to the same level.


Pro team coaches put players with the best game sense on Winston and you never see symettra so there’s a huge gap between the two heroes. For normal players sure you can say symettra is more skilled but that’s not looking at the whole picture. I rather have a pro Winston on my team then a pro symettra.


So full disclosure, I haven’t really explored the subject enough to have a position but…

I really want to say this is wrong, but that would contradict something I, and others, claim about Symm 2.0 And that’s that her not having to focus on tracking allowed her to concentrate on not getting hit. I can’t claim that and claim Dogs is wrong. Although that’s probably not the entire arguement.

I try to be fair :stuck_out_tongue:


You aren’t wrong, but you aren’t right either. It’s not about “weaker” it’s about the type of kit. For example you’ll never put Widows rifle on a no aim hero, that would be insane. Weapons like that are reserved for skillshots. Like you would never put a weapon with Winston’s damage on an aim intensive hero, that would be equally ridiculous.


Winston is by far the highest skill cap tank. By far


I would say tied with Zarya, but that might be personal. For whatever reason I just cant play Zarya well lol


Zaryas probably the easiest tank tho


If played as a DPS, I agree. If played with the intention of keeping your team alive? I think it gets MUCH more complicated.


Lol whatever dude winston is my go to when im drunk because i dont have to aim can escape in a second and drop a barrier when i feel like it and heal for 1000hp if i get cornered


Are you serious? Winston the highest skill cap?? No way, its Zarya and hammond that have the highest skill cap among the tanks.


Jesus Christ, theres still people that think Moira has auto lock :rofl:
And you expect some people to admit aim is not the be all and end all skill … good luck with that.


Hammond is brain dead tho. I do love playing him he’s one of my mains. But he doesn’t really need the tactics of the other main tanks which is the hard part. Winston needs the most strategy and game sense because he’s so high risk and it’s so easy to get caught out as him.

Considering he’s easily one of the top 3-5 strongest heroes in the game, why does no one play him below mid diamond? While the pros play him every game


Ok Im starting to think your a troll.


Just because it isnt autolock it doesnt mean it takes any aim. The target might be 75% to the right of your screen and you still hit him.

Btw whats with the ignorant overreacting?