Let's Revisit the Absurdity of "Hide and Rez"


Almost impressively ignored the release of Ana.

Good job.


That doesn’t make sense. It should be about the same amount of healing. You miss out in the 500 by letting him die, then resurrect him and try have the fight you would have had if he hadn’t died in the first place. It’s only a few seconds lost from that fight if it goes well and most likely wouldn’t result in a different number of team fights bu the end of the round.


Followed by Rez. Followed by a fight with contains heals.


Won’t ever be able to enjoy Valkyrie, because I like to avoid enemies as much as possible, while supporting my team. And even as DPS, would rather set a trap for enemy to step in, than engage in firefight.


Spending the whole game not healing? No.

It’s about 15 seconds or so tops, when the enemy started to moved in, she hid, she let her team die, she ressed them and continued to heal.

Strange as after the rework I mainly saw Battle Mercy’s flying around.

Doesn’t matter one bit about any healing numbers, not a single bit. Sorry.

The issue was that it promoted an unhealthy play style which Blizzard said themselves, it’s a team game, therefore you shouldn’t let your team die to get the most out off your ultimate.

Mass ress is gone, accept it.


We can all throw out terms like “hypothesis” but it takes more than a bit of forcing to make a number as broad as mercy’s average healing done per game to conclude that hide and rez didn’t exist despite overwhelming evidence in the form of people’s memories (seriously, what’s with the gaslighting?) and YouTube videos and comments that point to the contrary. There are too many variables to a stat like average healing done to use it to prove that an entire strategy that is stuck in the playerbase’s minds because it existed and was quite commonplace was “exceedingly rare”. I saw it in qp all the time. I saw it in comp all the time. I was encouraged to do it all the time. You can make the argument that it wasn’t as effective as tempo rezzing, which is true. But to say it wasn’t par for the course is disingenuous at best.


When somebody is having a discussion about this subject in a previous thread with multiple users and comments

The discussion was already happening on another thread about the same topic, but instead of continueing the discussion. He made another thread.

This is kinda a common thing with these threads, once it get’s heated under their feet, comments get nitpicked apart or just completly ignored and a new topic is created.

That is spamming and is a valid reason for a flag


Sorry, but at this point you are blatlantly ignoring my previous posts. I’ve already told you that I even talked with other person about the possibility of being wrong. However, since you only want to be rude towards me, you ignored it, even tough it was just two posts above yours.

Stop false accusing. Stop faking the victim role.

I think it’s time to stop this void and pointless conversation. Next time, be constructive and civile, please.


Flagged as a repetitve/annoying and non necessary creation for another thread.

Please stop the SPAM and post your information on the mega-thread or threads already created.


You can’t write anything in a megathread when there is no megathread (insert meme here).

Also, this thread is not spam at all. If you dislike it, you are free to move on and ignore it, but don’t abuse the flag system, please.



It’s annoying to see thread spam about the same topic when they could be discussed in 1 single topic.

Again, people think flagging this as spam/repetitive thread is to do with the content but little they know it is to do with CoC and just to make the forum a better place.

Oh yeah, the megathread meme has been already mentioned by Amaro, thanks.

Megathread about it below (insert meme if you still haven’t found it)
Why we need Mercy back! “ - Created 6 days ago

And meanwhile in between these 6 days there have been other posts related to it, in this short time-frame and amounts of thread relating to mercy back/rez it is definitely seen as form of spam or excessive unecessary topics to flood the forums.


Two threads isnt spam though

Like i said before

Spam is multiple messages in a quick sucession, that either have no propose or are meant to cause harm, contain pishing, virus, or cause drama

Me saying:




Is spam, because those messages dont make sense, and are not even a sentence


I’m not sure average healing done can be taken at face value when meta shifts, new heroes, hero reworks and potential changes to average game lengths exist.


Then they could have attempted to address it. Other problematic mechanics: grenade, fth,pulse bomb. They didn’t throw the whole ability away. They addressed it. Mass rez was never given that treatment.

Getting the most of an ult isn’t always a pure numbers thing. Similarly, it’s a team game. Waiting for zarya grav just to get potg isn’t very healthy either. Should grav be reworked to have no other ults work with it because it promotes ult stacking and less fluidity?

Some people want it back. Some people want valk gone. This is not the premise of this thread.


Flagging you for annoying and non necessary. /s

You act like there are 50 mercy posts about the exact same thing every single day.
I personally don’t see two posts about something similar and go, “Yea I should flag those!”.

The forum is full of an entire community of people who can post whatever they want to about the game as long as it follows the code of conduct.

I sure hope that you go around to about half of the posts on the forums and flag them for being spam. You act like 6 days is a short amount of time, there are possibly thousands of users on the forums, you can’t expect there to not be posts with overlapping topics, and to punish those people for their post is quite cruel.

That is not a megathread, that’s just a post made by another user.
The OP of this thread has no obligation to have to keep their thoughts in that one thread, especially if their post is not just a simple reply. This person put time into typing out and doing research to make this post, to only have some people false flag it for spam? That ain’t it sis.


This thread is adding so much to this conversation…if you completely ignore the fact that it’s identical to all the others


I think creating a separate thread for the sole purpose of looking at one aspect of a discussion is valid. You are asking to explore something further in a particular manner that might not occur naturally in the flow of what was previously discussed. That’s the opposite of spam


Also, megathread capped out and is unsueable so; mercy threads are gonna start


Except it’s not just two, it’s happening with all the threads.
Comments start to get ignored and new threads get started to have the same discussion all over again.

I just quoted to show that the intent of discussion isn’t there since new topics are already made while the discussion is still happening on the same people’s threads.

Except it’s not going further into a particular manner, it’s still regarding Hide and Ress and the ultimate that comes with it.

Just to quote the CoC:

Excessively communicating the same phrase, similar phrases, or pure gibberish

Which is exactly what happens when you create multiple threads regarding the same topic in a short period of time.


Maybe its less of an ignoring and more of a cut in discussion between those people?

Its common in the forums that you tend to not responf to certain people who dont hold discussions well or resort to insults, rank shaming, because thry lack an argument

Or ae.simply too bias


Titaniums previous threads were done with atleast a month of difference in between if you check his profile, so that definition does not applh