Let's Revisit the Absurdity of "Hide and Rez"


Look through this thread at how people react to a Mercy thread with numbers and math to back up a point. When that stops being the response, and when the post stops getting mass flagged and met with petulance and insults, then the threads will likely significantly decrease. Seeing as that will never happen, the threads will never stop coming.


That’s not true at all.


But the numbers don’t back the point at all.

The thread is based on numbers that doesn’t have anything to do with the point it tries to make.


This thread literally demonstrates it. But would like to hear how it literally happening doesn’t prove that it is happening.


Not really.
What op is doing is making another thread that discusses mass rez. (multiple threads about the same thing is against COC)

The op also seems to have something against people who “believe” hide and rez was a thing.
Which, according to the mods, can be seen as something against the COC.

Note that some points in the COC can be broken If the person who reads the post doesn’t like it.


It’s too long. I already said that.

There exists a happy medium between too long and too short. It’s just a few paragraphs at most.

You can keep arguing with me if you want, but the devs are not going to waste time reading a long-winded thread when they are busy people (and rarely get on the forums anyways).


Pretty sure Titanium’s post didn’t say anything about targeting the devs and all else need not read on. The devs don’t read even a fraction of what is on the forums, I’d also be wildly surprised if Titanium thought making another long winded post would finally get some acknowledgement from the devs.


Jeff has already said hide and rez was exactly why they got rid of it and that mass rez was never coming back


Let’s not.
There is nothing more that can be said in this topic any more.


Can’t relate.



Here is an idea: whenever any hero(DPS, tank or healer) don’t see enemy for longer than 5 s, their ult charge starts to decay with increasing rate(from 1% per second up to 10% per second).

If healer can’t hide to use their ult, no one should be able to.


It also assumes Mercy’s healing average pre-rework wasn’t boosted by being able to essentially heal through two team fights where as post-rework would lose healing average in that regard due to having to regroup after the wipe. It doesn’t account for the time she spent hiding being negligible compared to how her design was at the time being an absolute heal bot who had no other utility or incentive to battle Mercy. It also seems blind to the possibility that the downtime in pre-rework was being made up for with chain beams post-rework.

And like you said, the numbers don’t necessarily correlate to the conclusion, with or without so many missing variables. The math is flawed in that respect. All in all, this is another Titanium thread.


It’s so annoying seeing people state numbers as if they couldn’t be interpreted in any other way.

When new mercy popped valk, you backed out. You werent winning that fight, and she had rez waiting in case you stayed and got a pick. Shes not going to be healing a large amount of dmg for the 20 ( or whatever the ulti time was) seconds. That’s a huge amount of downtime per ultimate for healing thats pretty similar to the time mercy would hide and rez.

Old mercy had a fast ulti charge, and you would frequently see people popping rez for one or two people if that meant you were going to win the fight for it. Anytime mercy gets her ultimate, it’s not as if she would run away. But if the enemy team had one or two ults, she’s going to hide. That’s some pretty common knowledge.

Mass rez is more beneficial on certain gamemodes, like 1 cp. Mass rez is easier to pull off on certain gamemodes, like payload on attack. These are minor things that can skew numbers.

It isn’t like hide and rez is the most effective strategy around at all times…it was just absurdly effective in the right situations.


I saw hide and rez quite frequently, so I rejoiced when mass rez was removed.


Excellent post. As you said, numbers don’t lie and it’s past time Blizzard rid us all of the ball n’ chain that is E-Res and Valkyrie. Bring back Mercy!


well said. #reworkmercy or #revertmercy


Morning early morning, 6:48am kind of morning. Thank you for asking.


5 seconds in an active teamfight where the heal is not there means deaths.

I cant be the only one who got killed and watched his team getting obliterated at the defense point while trying to get back from the spawn or while waiting for the 7 seconds to pass.


The actual absurdity is a rez mechanic in a game like ovw. Just saying.


This is amazing. I don’t want to imagine how much time went into all of this. Trily an impressive forum post you did there.

My personal opinion about Mercy is the following. I more or less enjoy her the same as I did before the rework, perhaps even a little more.
I personally enjoy Valkerie, because I like shooting peoples heads from the top with them wondering where the attack is comming from. xD
For me it’s just a matter of feeling. Compared to these days mercy back then felt more like a Necromancer in my opinion, and that’s probably why they changed her, as they didn’t really intended that.
Of course you’ll always find things that you would change, for me it would just be the rez speed. Either that Valkyrie grants an insta rez again or that it’s in general a bit quicker, as it was before the whole process was slowed down.
However, I won’t complain about that. I am sure the devs had their reasons and with a good team one can work around that.
I must admit, that I do like the challenge and the sligh thrill of rezing someone these days, especially when a Zarya doesn’t bubble me or I have Reinhardt shielding me. It think it puts a lot more consideration and responsibility on the game play.