Let's Revisit the Absurdity of "Hide and Rez"


Factually, there are no characters in the game that turn into a rock.


All data points used to compare pre-rework and post-rework healing rates took place before the support changes. In other words, Mercy was meta, and Ana/Moira were not. Moira had almost a universally low pickrate, and Ana’s pickrate was pathetic in just about every rank except for maybe Diamond/Masters, where on a good week it managed to reach 3%.

The two most popular healers by far for the majority of the post-rework data points shown were Mercy and Zenyatta, which parallels the situations in which Mercy was used during season 5, during the Dive Meta. If Mercy was used back then, then she often replaced either Zenyatta or Lucio, who were the dominant healers at the time in regards to the Meta. In my experience, I was most often playing alongside a Zenyatta.

Likewise, the data points comparing Mercy today with her 50-HPS-Valk state are in virtually identical game states; it’s the same Goats Meta.

Uh… No. It’s not. I’m actually seeing the reverse of that trend.

We went from the First Dive Meta back in season 5 in which Lucio/Zenyatta was the dominant healer lineup to the Second Dive Meta with the first few post-rework data points shown in the OP, in which Mercy replaced Lucio. A healer designed to literally speed up fights and enable burst damage was replaced by a hero designed for more drawn-out sustain fights with the ability to keep those fights going for longer due to Resurrect’s consistency on E.

Then Brigitte came into the picture, and we had ourselves a Double Sniper/Deathball Meta… which means that fights were even more drawn out than before, replacing a mobility meta with a static/sustain meta.

And then we have… Goats.

…Literally a bunch of Tanks throwing themselves at one another as they get healed by their triage of Supports. The comp is all about out-slugging the other team.

Since the rework, we’ve seen a consistent trend away from burst damage and towards more sustain healing. If it weren’t for Mercy’s healing nerf, I expect that her healing output would have continued in the upward trend.

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You totally missed the point of the OP.


In my opinion, Valkyrie is not broken, quite the opposite in fact


I’m actually not sure if are taking what they say literally or if you just troll people with that “factually” opener.

They are using the term to describe an ability that greatly hinders movement in a normally highly mobile character, not to say that Mercy literally turns in to a rock


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Trolling. Pretty much any Mercy topic you find will have a “factually” assertion.


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Thank you for detailing how Valkyrie is not exactly like any other ability in the game


In my opinion, it was an enormous success, not a failure


Let’s agree to disagree on that point Megadodo


I quoted what was typed…


You don’t need to punish players for lots of Resurrections/game. You just need to reward them less.

If you take a lot of the weight out of Resurrect and place that into Mercy’s healing instead, that minimizes the SR gains from Resurrect. Meanwhile, the system would see that certain people (who just so happen to be exploiting “hide and rez”) are dealing less healing each match (because they are hiding), and are underperforming in that category. If they are overperforming in a category that has little weight and underperforming in a category that has a lot of weight, their SR gains will suffer. Combine this with the fact that “hide and rez” is more likely to result in a second wipe in that teamfight and a negative winrate if practiced consistently, and “hide and rez” would die out because it doesn’t allow players to climb.

In contrast, the players who aren’t exploiting “hide and rez” would be dealing more healing/match. Because healing is now weighted heavier, they will see a slight increase in SR gains. Players with high Resurrect counts would receive less SR gains from their Resurrect counts, but more SR gains from the healing they deal.

And as far as I know, there isn’t a way to fool the SR system by inflating your healing numbers in a way that doesn’t also increase your change of winning. If there is such an exploit, we probably would have seen it by now. We have 6 different healers to try it on, after all.


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np, everyone is entitled to their opinion


You responded in a way that misinterpreted what was implied. Either you are literally translating a metaphor, which can happen with people who don’t have a strong grasp on English, or you are trying to provoke a response. Which is it?


I quoted what was written.

I responded accordingly


So where can we contest a falsely flagged thread or can only the OP do that?

Because community false flagging mercy threads saying things they don’t wanna hear is not how this community should be run.

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And replaced it with more problems. That’s the problem with fixing things that don’t need fixing; you break more things.


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