Let's Revisit the Absurdity of "Hide and Rez"


Honestly, do people think the “Mercy never left combat to come back and Rez” argument is going to work at this point :joy:


Yeah, I’ve hundreds of hours of play and I’ve only once seen a Mercy “hide and rez”. Most Mercy’s played just as any other character did. Ducking behind cover for ults and otherwise doing their job (healing/boosting/shooting) while trying to keep behind corners to avoid being headshot.


Don’t worry my friend, we’re both just crazy delusional. Just look at how:

(Note: I flipped the bolded parts of the quote)


Emp can be stopped. Ask any sombra main. Infra sight is countered by barriers. Defense matrix can stop hanzo same with hack. Genji can be slept and killed. I can walk through sym’s barrier.


Infrared isn’t stopped by barriers. The damage done using information from Infrared is. The information given by it is not. Walking through the barrier doesn’t stop barrier juking or the value it can give. As far as Hanzos dragons, just cast it from spawn. Mass Rez from spawn being unstoppable was clearly a problem because you couldn’t counter it, so using dragons from spawn where you can’t be countered clearly is totally cool.


If you are referring to Rez, it is factually neither stationary nor eternal


Not stopped. But countered. Same with sym.


If that is your definition of countered then literally Doomfist charging a shot in front of a locked in place Rez target is a counter.


you gotta love how actual facts and argumentation is just getting mass False Flags because people are still in denial about the Rework being successful.


That’s not a counter. Because Rez has already ended. You can’t counter what has already finished.


Then a barrier is not a counter to Infrared because it’s not stopping information gathering.


Factually, there is no ability in the game exactly like Valkyrie


Factually there is. Moira orb functions similarly to Mercys Healing + Gives Moira the benefits as well. Same as Lucio healing or Brig inspire. Except they get benefits from there abilities making them just better.

Then Damage Boost is basically a Zen orb.

The only thing unique is Free Flight, Unlimited Ammo (Which techincally Hanzo has) and uninterrupted regen.


Factually, all AOE healing is like Valks split healing beams just the animation is different, and split beam amp is a weaker Orisa super charger.

Factually Valkyrie is weaker than other ultimates from characters who would be competing with Mercy for a spot in the match.

Factually uninterruptible regen is functionally no different than Lucio self healing with his healing song.

Factually, unlimited ammo is no different than any hero’s weapon that doesn’t need to reload.

Factually, flying is the only thing that is unique to Valkyrie and even then Pharah has a limited but regularly and constantly available form of it and does not have to spend an ultimate for it.


Almost nothing in the game is Unique if you are that lose on your definition of what is equal.

Riptire and Dragon Blade are equal because they can both do AOE damage??


There are many of us who feel this way, myself included


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Factually, Mercy can.

I’ve done so many times, and have watched others do so many times as wee


D.Va also has infinite ammo, and Moira’s secondary fire has infinite ammo


Idiots just hate it when people continue to point out how Mercy’s rework remains a failure. It’s hard to think when the mighty Blizzard is never wrong about anything. :/