Let's Revisit the Absurdity of "Hide and Rez"


Nano boost does not prevent you from doing anything else for the duration of the boost. You can nano boost someone and continue doing other things that have a direct impact based on your own game play, you could kill someone, save someones life or sleep an ulting genji if you are skilled enough all while nano boost is going. Speed boost is the same.

And you have control in that you can choose who to boost. That is all the nuance to damage boost, who I right click?

What they do is entirely beyond your control and for as long as you boost them you are tethered to them and unable to do anything on your own unless you choose to end the boost.
You cant even necessarily see what they are trying to do because you are most likely and should be behind cover or paying attention to the rest of the team/ team fight.
I’m sure you have been in the situation where both teams are just poking and you are boosting someone to try and give them the advantage. Most likely you are just standing there, possibly a/d spamming while you wait for something to happen.
How are YOU as a player really impacting the flow of the game at that point. The impact is deservedly on the player you are boosting for their mechanical skill at their dps hero for getting the pick or the damage in.


Or perhaps the fact the the mercy discussion has been unchanged for essentially a year…all the threads are mirror images of each other…it’s all redundant…and blizz has made it pretty clear by now that there’s no point to the discussion…they’re not changing her

Even this one is completely superfluous…


When i see comments like this, i feel obligated to help the person who wrote the comment to understand that i enjoy reading Titanium’s threads, thank you very much, and it pisses me off to see non-constructive comments like this.


Look up a reaper ult montage and do the same :slight_smile:


Hoping mass Rez is coming back in 2019 LUL


How is that denial? Hide and rez was a strategy that was employed but it was wildly blown out of proportion. I never engaged in it once and I saw very little if it in my games.


The difference between the two are that when reaper hides, the ally team could lose. When mas Rez mercy hid. The team dying was the point. One comes with a risk. The other creates a clean slate.


Isn’t it weird how if you experienced hide and rez, that’s your anecdotal opinion, but! If you didn’t see it that much and didn’t do it yourself, that is statistical data?

So strange.


Because you compared a video game which is real. To aliens and Bigfoot. On top of that, you probably didn’t even look did you?


They are both anecdotal. Anyone saying otherwise is an enormous fool.


Look it up then. What are you scared of?

h ttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=b_bV4Mw-hGI

72 hiding spots!! And 59,000 saw it.

h ttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=b_bV4Mw-hGI


Seeing as your point is the parroted point made daily for months, I have to say I am familiar with it. My point was that just because there is evidence you want to believe, it doesn’t make it true. Just like people who claim mass Rez was or was not being abused.

People disregard titanium’s stats in exactly the same spirit. If their rejection of Titanium’s stats is acceptable, then so is my response to your comment. If my response is not acceptable, then there are a lot of comments you need to go respond to about people being in denial. The only other option available is that there is double standards about what constitutes proof supporting Mass Rez and proof opposing Mass Rez.


Ah yes because there is no way to wipe the friendly recently rezzed team.

There is no way to kill a solo defenceless mercy as she is flying in to rez her dead team (see the ending of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tR8f7vmHJas&t=1s for an example of KILLING THE MERCY.

It was also not possible in any way to notice that mercy was not healing her team and attempt to find and kill her or preemptively save ults in order to wipe the team after being resurrected.

When Mercy hid she deprived her team of healing and her team could very much lose.
You’ve just provided an example of the fallacies of the whole hide and rez thing.
They both have counter play they both may not necessarily be the best use of the ability.

They both are used in montages because montages are clips of when things work and not of when they don’t which was my original point. There are likely bug montages, does that mean that every single game that bug shows up and overwatch is an unplayable alpha test level mess?

Edit : Clarification. I get that saying “when things work” then taking about bugs is liekly confusing. I meant that montages are a collection of clips that fit the narrative of the video and could easily be months apart if not more or even staged. Or in quickplay. Its not feasible to cite a montage as evidence that a particular thing was necessarily common.


Good god. You’re beyond having logic. So just because I have evidence doesn’t mean it’s true. Look at the videos! Look at the proof! B


Titanium cited himself. You don’t cite yourself as a reliable source.


Go ahead and pull up Overbuff stats that disprove those stats then. Should be easy.


I blame blizzard for ruining res in general.

Mass res, current res, heck, just res. Blizzard handled it all wrong in my opinion.

Seriously, wish they would hire some of these people to balance instead XD👌

Nice job Titanium, I like the time you put into your threads.

I might not always agree, but your argument is always more valid in my eyes because of your dedication to the argument XD


Does killing her counter the ult? No because she can still use it. Riddle me this. Name one ult that can’t be countered with a basic ability? But who cares if she isn’t healing the team. The point is to let them die anyways. It’s counterproductive to hide and Rez to keep them alive that’s why it’s gone.


EMP, Infrared Sights, Dragons, and Syms Barrier say hello.


I’m sorry but please enlighten me on how to cast Rez as mercy while dead.

Yes it is counterproductive to hide and rez and that is why it was a poor strategy and not the best use of the ability.
If nobody cared that she wasn’t healing the team then the argument that she isn’t healing her team and that is bad wouldn’t have come up when arguing to remove mass rez.
And for the last time. I’m not even in favour of reverting to mass rez.
Can i please get a signature saying that? or should I just post it at the end of ever comment?