Let's Revisit the Absurdity of "Hide and Rez"


You cited yourself. Not one of your citations go to overbuff. You can’t use yourself and use that as proof.


Fully agree. Personal I don’t think any team should be able to get away with solo healing.


When did i say I diddnt like being attached to others to heal them? You said

and I questioned that asking how a part of her kit that doesnt even have a direct impact on the game through your actions is the MOST engaging or entertaining?

She currently sucks, shes always been broken. Maybe for once. She should be changed and BALANCED. And that’s what I’m advocating for.
You’ve literally refuted my suggestion that we try to change her into a more balanced version of herself by saying that advocating for balance will make her unbalanced.

Also Mercy is intended to be a “peerless healer” and the go to main support for raw healing. Nowhere is she intended to be a “pocket support hero” and she is currently fulfilling none of her stated intended goals.


It was this line that I made that statement from. If that’s not engaging to you. Why even play her in the first place?

Sorry. By pocket i just mean single target focus.


In my opinion, the fact that mass rez was removed made the rework a success


In that case i would like to just expand on that by mentioning that her Healing beam and damage beam are different in that her healing beam has a direct effect based on your own actions and her damage beam’s effect is almost entirely removed from your control given that whomever you chose has to do that work for you.


It’s gone. Forget about it.


Is replacing something broken with something broken a successful replacement?
If you had a broken appliance and replaced it with a broken appliance would you be happy with the replacement?
before you ask how shes broken, she has literally constantly fluctuated between over and under powered.


Don’t for get 14 nerfs and a half revert buff. More than any hero has ever had for any part of their kit, and her state of balance destroyed game balance for nearly a year.


I am really tired of these posts.

Nothing against Titanium, the post is very well written. But this is a tired old topic. Mass rez isn’t coming back. Should it have been removed entirely? No. But this is a game of adaptation - the community adapting to the developers whims. Like it or not, they decide the direction of this game, and mass rez was removed for better or for worse. Hide and seek happened, but it wasn’t common, that’s been established long ago.

It’s hard to say whether the game and Mercy got healthier after the removal or not. But it won’t come back and constantly bringing it up and talking about it won’t help Mercy, or the game or anyone. It’s just a tired old topic that’s tiring to read, as much as I like Mercy and want her to be better.


Yeah but that’s true for nano boost, speed boost, discord (Kind of). That’s the point of being a support. Also o wouldn’t completely say you get no control. You get the right to pick what engagements are better for your team. Like nano boost visor can be done by you without him ever saying boost me. These are the choices that make damage boost engaging for me. Maybe it’s just because I (ideally) main dps. So playing mercy and using damage boost just makes since.


I think the issue is that a lot of people don’t want to admit the reasons provided for the rework were BS or uninformed, and the proof shows it. If the reason the devs wanted to change it is “because we did”, fine. Say that.

The desire is for that to be admitted and something to be done to make her feel good to play again.


Yeah, it feels like a form of sexism at this point. This rampant disregard for anything anyone has to say about Mercy.

Editing to add this post from another thread for anyone who thinks the hatred Mercy players face isn’t, at least somewhat, related to sexism: The skill double standard- Winston


I know. But they won’t admit it. What’s done is done and we should look into the future and stop getting hung up on the past. It’s just annoying and tiring at this point.


Go to google right now and look up “best places to hide as mercy” the. Look up mas Rez montage. And count how many clips were from a hiding spot.


I think it’s more that there is too much discussion on Mercy. People are tired of reading it and focus only on the loud annoying minority.


I mean, those who play Mercy face an insane amount of it and presumption based on prejudices of the character.


It’s not sexism. It’s like having two 7-11s on the same intersection. It’s pointless.


I could do the same thing with videos proving aliens and bigfoot. It doesn’t make it the truth.


Oh my god. That’s next level denial.