Let's Revisit the Absurdity of "Hide and Rez"


In this case I am arguing for her to be changed to be in a healthier spot so that she is not broken and not terrible which is pretty much where she always is.
Rez is and always will be broken in some way or another in its current form and Mercy could be more fun, engaging and better balanced with more nuanced changes.


How does it promote not healing? It also promotes supporting.


I diddnt even suggest any changes mate, i just suggested change. Please for the love of all that is holy dont make me repeat what i have just said again for the fiftieth time.


The problem is you are claiming that everyone would benefit from the changes.


Why wouldn’t they?
How do you know they wouldn’t?
In all likeley hood given how much hate and argument Rez and Valkyrie have ( this convo is case and point) and the fact that they constantly need to tweak her and cant get her to be in a properly balanced place wouldn’t a change away from this be in the best interest of the community as a whole?
Maybe we should at least look into other options given that neither of those tried seem to work all that well.


You can’t stop a teammates death because you just plain can’t heal enough to do anything about it. Zen can temporarily prevent deaths. Lucio can. Ana can. Moira even can. Mercy can’t. All she can do is hope the healing is enough or go offensive to hopefully help the team kill the aggressors before they kill your team. In the mean time Mercy has a prime seat to watch as she can do nothing more than hold a button and watch hoping her existence is enough to affect what is happening.

This is because so much of her choice making is take away from beams that split. It does your job for you, so you’re left just watching. If it were say 100hps on primary target and 50hps on secondary targets, that is numerically the same and makes Mercy have to choose who to target. Its interactive. As it is now, plant the beam on anyone and watch.


Fun and engaging are based on opinion. So you may say she aren’t these things. And I’d say I like her the way she is. She is fun and engaging currently. Rez is rewarding and risky. And damage boost is still the most entertaining part of her to me. I like mercy. She just needs to deal more like a main healer. Or the game needs to add 2 new main healers asap.


I would love this.


Tbh the game needs both more main healers and Mercy needs to be modified to do her intended job better.


Why was this post flagged and the content hidden? There’s nothing vulgar, it’s just math…


Thats the thing, this along with SO MANY MORE are ideas in the rework Mercy movement and it gets nothing but slander and dismissed as wanting a straight revert.


I used it yesterday and I was solo healing (thank you teammates). It not only saved my team but also won the team fight. Key timing between heal and damage and making sure it was used at the right time is how I did it. Their is skill in proper timing and consequence if timing is off. Also I’m all for more healing per second. For now put it at 55 and see how it feels. It’s what they should have done when they nerfed it originally.


Ok im going to take a horrific leap of faith an start stating my opinion and questioning yours a little. Please try to be open minded.
I don’t really see how turning into a rock really feels all that great for a healer that is intended to be highly mobile. Holding right click on a target while they do everything is not that engaging. You’re literally not even doing the work. Adding more healers ( which i think is a good thing ) will only bury Mercy deeper under better options and cause people to hate those that play her more.

Regardless why is there not even a possibility in your mind that she could be better? In any way?


Because people don’t want to see Mercy discussed. They just want everything Mercy related gone from the forums.


My issue with changing and reworking. Is that maybe in 8-9 months it will work. But during that time she’ll either suck. Or be broken. I don’t want a game to break to make a small community happier.

If you don’t like being attached to others to heal them. Then I’d say your issue isn’t mass Rez. It’s literally you playing the wrong hero. Mercy since launch has acted the same way as she always has. She is a pocketing support hero. That has never changed for her.


You see, there’s quite a big difference between posts made by myself and some of the posts I see from other people with the opposite narrative.

That difference is that I have objective sources to back up my position. The OP is an argument founded purely upon numbers, which are objective. Yet, some people come into this thread with nothing else to say other than “you’re biased”… :thinking:

Really goes to show which side is more blinded by their bias.


From my experience, people dismiss it when they see that the idea involves swapping/removing/adding/etc abilities. The ones I see that don’t revolve into arguments normally involve keeping Rez and Valk where they are and change them numerically.


Probably because of the title. They see it and go “what else is new?”


It’s called sticking to what was said rather than extrapolating beyond that which is reasonable.


Realistically you shouldn’t be able to solo heal with Mercy unless the enemy team has terrible DPS or you have tanks that are so entirely beyond what ever your rank is that they are leaps and bounds better at blocking damage than the enemy DPS’s ability to deal hurt.