Let's Revisit the Absurdity of "Hide and Rez"


They implied that is could only be one or the other, I was just saying it could be both.


Then you see what I mean :slight_smile:
Though it might do the latter it will hopefully do the former, and we can all be better informed and also get our daily dose of arguing with someone on the internet <3


Except for the fact it would make her worse for the game overall.


Tl;dr: It’s not about raw power or game balance. It’s about the feeling you get while playing the hero. Mercy feels like an eternal sidekick instead of a hero that can make the difference. Mass Rez provided that power surge that the fight was won because of your presence there.


Given that Mercy ( a main healer ) is currently neither a main healer nor an off healer, shes not really in a great state at the moment either.

Not saying that a simple revert is the way to go nor that it will necessarily fix that but, I don’t think she would be much worse than she is now.
Bad in a different way certainly.


What issue? Their is literally only one issue in this thread. You have a guy/girl that has spent the last 2 years fighting for a change in a video game that has already been stated that it won’t change back.


Even if it doesn’t change back and that statement holds true, it could simply change and that could be better for everyone.


She would be getting an ult that isn’t great and losing an E ability with the only thing in return is 10hps. That’s assuming she keeps the GA tech as well.


Is it for everyone though?


Don’t assume this things. I find current Mercy fun. I did not find old Mercy fun.


It honestly doesn’t do any good, but going to keep happening, because of the following reasons that you can see from the responses in this thread:

  1. The point no matter how it is presented will continue to be dismissed, because Mercy.

  2. Responses will often contain gross over simplification that the post is 100% crying for Mass Rez to return in its pre-rework form, even if it is explicitly stated that it is not the goal.

  3. Miss information is spread wildly about the topic and any form of reasonable proof backed discussion is dismissed or derailed by hyperbole. This means it needs to be dispelled but the more it is attempted the more stubborn everyone gets about it.

  4. A lot of people are unhappy with the state of Mercy and a lot of people take delight in that fact because of a general dislike of Mercy mains.

Theres more but the thread is probably going to poof soon, so this is being typed very roughly on a mobile. All in all, threads like this just reaffirms the anger of many Mercy mains and that feeling of frustration drives more resentment over the state shes in. She isn’t fun for a lot of people when playing as her, and she was reworked with one of the big factors being that “she wasn’t fun to play against” (Jeffs words) and she wont be reworked until it is widely accepted she needs it again. In order to convince people of it, there needs to be proof and persuasion of that. This can’t happen though while the topics and posts keep getting removed from flagging or the point being dismissed, so rinse and repeat ad nauseum.


Currently her ult is also, not great. So she would be trading a not great ult for a not great ult. Pretty lateral move there and theoretically gaining her status as a main healer back so you can stop hearing your teammates ask for a main healer when you’re playing Mercy and crying inside because they’re right.
That said, still don’t think its even a good idea to revert her but that’s what i meant.


How is suggesting changing her away from Mass Rez, which we know a lot of people don’t want, and away from Valkyrie, which we know a lot of people don’t want, not for everyone?
There are better options for Mercy that could put her in an even healthier spot.


Ergo changing her to be neither may be BETTER FOR EVERYONE I am repeating myself.


Because she’s fine. All I’d like them to do is increase healing to 55hps. Her ult is good. It’s not mind blowing. But it’s good.


But it could be BETTER why is that not a good thing to fight for? Why cant something be better than it is if it has the potential?


Because does better=balanced?


Because I don’t think these changes would be better.


Numerically it is good enough, but becsuse it’s better offensively, it also promotes not healing your team which was a huge portion of why she was reworked in the first place, so its kind of going back towards square one.


hard pill to swallow:

mass rez was not removed because the hide and rez strategy was meta, powerful, or commonly used.

it existed, players did use it, and it encouraged the players as a support to disengage from a battle and tell their teammates to die on point. THAT is why it was dealt with in such a manor. and dont get me wrong, i feel as if applying a slow mass-rez animation would have fixed everything, i just think people have the wrong idea as to why mass rez was removed.