Let's Revisit the Absurdity of "Hide and Rez"

Your experience does not match the broad reality of the situation.

There are also a lot of videos of D.Va getting a pentakill with her ultimate. That doesn’t mean that a pentakill with Self-Destruct is a remotely common occurrence.

Considering that we’re dealing with global averages, these factors are held constant.

If a teamfight is occurring, you’re going to be healing for a lot more than 10 seconds worth of healing over a 20 second period, but I’ll humor this.

That’s 600 healing lost from pre-rework, which should show up in the healing averages… but we’re already 200-400 healing short post-rework.

Furthermore, if someone is going to use “hide and rez” once in a match, they’re almost certainly going to use it again, which means that they will be losing way more than 600 healing/match compared to the player that didn’t use the aforementioned tactic.

Except, it can. It is quite effective for said purpose, even.

And… a change in the playerbase/tactics/playstyle is exactly what we’re looking for here, remember?


And yet, here you are, assuming something that was never said (twice; once from the developers, once from myself), so you can insert something that is only semi-relevant to the discussion.

I’m illustrating the reality of the situation. You are assuming the motivation behind me showing that reality.


Do you have any proof?

There are also lots of videos showing d.va not getting kills with it.

Nope, they are not held constant over time.
Especially not when we look at buffs and changes in the meta.

600 health, only in the games where the mercy hid.
In other matches she would not hide, and would heal.
So on average that doesn’t change much at all.

This fits with half of the mercy players doing the hide and rez…

This is dependent on the lenght of a match, how often she gets her ult, etc.

No. You are only looking for a change in healing.


“YOUR anecdotal evidence isn’t as good as MY anecdotal evidence…”

I always found it was more, you focus the Mercy first like you were supposed to and then finish off the rest of the team JUST IN TIME for Mercy to come swooping backing in from spawn to rez everyone (bonus points if she did it through a wall.)

Mercy mains wanting maz rez always ignore this point though as it doesn’t have anything to do with “hiding and rezzing” but at my level it would happen in nearly every game there was a Mercy.

I’m glad it’s gone and never coming back.


Just because a bad argument against mass rez was made doesn’t mean that invalidating that argument validates mass rez as an ability. I’m very much against the ability every returning, but I’d rather people didn’t use irrelevant stats to keep it gone. The concept and the way it was used were what I had problems with, not overall healing output.

As far as Valk goes, it’s really not just a healing ability. You can’t really quantify the impact of the ability because of how versatile it is. You can heal, damage boost, use it for mobility, get kills with it, and mix and match those and everything in between as necessary. It’s not meant to be able to heal through burst damage (there are already other support ults that do that) or really do anything more than give your team a fifteen-second edge, which is oftentimes much more useful than a huge amount of healing for a short time. It’s much more engaging and, to me, much more fun. I’ll admit that Valkyrie is an odd fit with the rest of Mercy’s kit, but I still love the flexibility of it. I don’t want to be relegated to heal/rez bot, as comfortable as that might be for some. I play a very active quarterback-style Mercy and I like the ability to determine the flow of the fight. Valk helps me do that. The fun part is subjective. I understand why some don’t enjoy the ability, but that doesn’t make it any less engaging. I love it.


Are we going to talk about how effective “hide and rez” was as a strategy? That wasn’t the point of the OP, but I’ll be happy to supply a counterargument that’s 6 months old yet still dead-on.


Too late. :smirk:

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I don’t care (and actually embrace the fact) that some people will only experience a bad case of the Backfire Effect upon reading my posts. That doesn’t stop me from making my posts.


I know it to be a fact that a lot of people hated mass res and thought it was bad for the game.
I know it to be a fact that the devs feel the same way. Source
And as far as I know they have never reverted any changes on live thus the probability leaning in the favor of a no go fo mercy reverto. Evero.


They think if they write enough essays they can change the reality of the situation and the facts of the past that put us where we are today. The intent of this thread/essay was to blatantly lie and present the posters feelings as fact.


If Mercy’s healing the team rather than hiding, she’d be getting all of that healing that would have taken place after the Resurrect in addition to the healing she’s already doing.

If I heal Reinhardt through a fight, I’ve dealt quite a bit of healing.
If I let Reinhardt die and then I revive him, that’s 500 healing that didn’t do. That 500 is removed from my healing bank and replaced by a 1 in my revives bank.


Since it effectively canned a strategy that was already so rare that it may as well have not existed?

Can I have some evidence for this assertion?

You’re presenting speculation as fact.

This, my friend, is factually incorrect.


Don’t you mean, “Factually, I respectfully disagree, and have nothing further to add to my statement” :wink:


If you heal a full health target you don’t get any healing.

If you rez your team in front of the enemy team they will take damage that you can heal.

If the rein on your team dies, and you don’t rez him, you need to wait until he comes back from spawn for you to be able to start healing him again.

I’m pretty sure “factually incorrect” is the correct phrase in this situation. :wink:

Except we would have statistical symptoms of such behavior if the tactic was common. This has nothing to do with how common tempo-revives were; it has everything to do with how common is was for someone to stop participating in the fight to hide.

Those statistical symptoms don’t exist.


I was being facetious :slight_smile: It’s a reference to something from Titanium’s other thread


Mercy was D-tier the last time she had Mass-Resurrect.

Just saying.


Oh. Okay then. :upside_down_face:


Hide and rez was the common way to play Mercy, anyone who played back then knows it. No one who played back then wants mas rez back.