Let's Revisit the Absurdity of "Hide and Rez"



Mercy’s current kit is garbage and poorly thought out, they won’t add Mass Rez back, and that’s the way it is and will be. Best to accept it now, and you’re more than a year late.

No. They are only numbers.
The numbers does not prove your point, seeing as there are many more factors to them that you did not account for.

You said there was about a 300 health difference, which should be there If hide and rez was a thing.

If you heal your team enough they won’t die. How do you rez someone who is alive??

10 seconds x 60 = 600.
50% x 600 = 300.
50% of players used hide and rez.
Easy as that If we are not going to actually look through this in a logical way.

When you don’t account for the ressurected targets needing healing, while dead targets can’t be healed.
When you don’t account for game length.

When you try to twist the numbers to your own liking.


I don’t see how that relates to the nature of this thread

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It’s just pointless to discuss it anymore. It is completely redundant.



“You’re not allowed to want something because I don’t want that something”?

Did you read your post before you hit “reply”? Going by your own logic, Mercy shouldn’t have been reworked in the first place based upon only the notion that you wanted something that the majority didn’t.

That’s what the available statistics from representative surveys indicate.

It’s also what is indicated when looking at the most popular forum post of all time: Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

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I think looking at considering hide and rez specifically through output is a unique way to see it. I have not seen a similar dedicated thread. I have posted a topic on hide and rez but not from a numerical standpoint. I don’t agree with titanium’s methodology acorss the board but I do appreciate the thought and work behind it. I think showing flaws in design reasoning is good for game progression

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But it’s not good for devs, as their self-esteem can take a drop.

Objectively, you are wrong.

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We are going to talk about Mercy (her current version, her past versions, her hypothetical future versions) until we get what we want; a version of Mercy we enjoy playing.

Don’t like it? I guess you’ll have to get over it. No amount of “shut up” is going to motivate us to be silent. In my case, it motivates me to do the exact opposite.

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This was the change from 50 HPS base, 50 HPS Valk to 50 HPS base, 60 HPS Valk.

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Averages of the population by definition factor in all situations that played out in that population. I’m not comparing two conditions in two different situations. I’m comparing two conditions in the same situations; all of them, in fact.

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No. Not the same situations.

What was the average game lenght during hide and rez?
What is it after?

What was the average ammount of players ressurected before?
What about now?

Etc. Etc. Etc.

You don’t take into account any situation, only the healing output.


Well time of games since the last week of Rez to now hasn’t changed. And nor have pure numbers of rezzes. The condition of where said rezzes are have changed, but not flat numbers.

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I am not aware of any valid survey data that supports such a claim

I dont believe there is a standard measure of thread popularity than can be used to prove/support the claim that the linked (or any) thread is the most popular, and a thread’s popularity (or lack therof) is not a good indicator imo of whether the claims made in the OP are valid

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That’s fair. But plenty of things have to be considered. Saying opinions of the majority to a surveys validity is fair imo. But overbuff is always going to be more valid in terms of flat numbers than personal experience because as long as more than one person isbeing looked at, it’s still making an average to apply to more people. Otherwise, flat numbers of personal experiences don’t inherently align. For example, you experience gold healing on mercy. I almost never do.

Assuming for sake of argument that you get what you want, where does that leave those of us who like Mercy in her current state, including both current Mercy players and those who like having current Mercy on their team?

Should the large number of players who like Mercy as she is have to suffer with a much-changed Mercy simply because there are players who (apparently) havent moved on to other characters (or other games) when the character they had liked was changed?

N7, you have said more than once (and this isnt an attack, just a reminder) that Mercy is not one of your favorite characters. Mercy is one of my favorite characters, and I work hard to keep improving as Mercy

I think almost anyone who works hard at playing Mercy well (with specific exclusions I will cover in the next paragraph) will get gold healing in almost all matches when paired with a second healer, any healer

The exceptions: there are those who have decided to use Mercy exclusively to pocket Pharah, and there are those who have decided to go Battle Mercy, eschewing healing entirely. In such scenarios, healing is severely de-emphasized, and as such, these two types of players will generally not be getting gold healing as Mercy. I believe in the use of Mercy’s entire kit, but for me, healing all 5 teammates is always a top priority.

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Caduceus Staff
Patch: August 9, 2018

  • Healing beam reduced from 60 healing per second to 50 healing per second.

They changed it from 60/60 HPS base/Valk, to 50/50 HPS base/Valk, to 50/60 base/Valk.

That still means she underwent a net nerf.

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I don’t like Mercy but I never play a hero not to the absolute best of my abilities … (Unless my group is in fact messing around: often before Moira, my friends and I would “support stack and soldier”. Dps mercy and ana, Lucio speed only, zen dpsand purple orb only, symm and soldier was the only source of healing. This is not the majority of my cases)

I believe mercys role is consistency and mobility. What that entails is up to you. Keeping her team up is what matters. I find dmg boost, and pistol is the best way to do that. If you rely on healing, you aren’t using mercy to the best of her kit.
If I play mercy, consistently keeping my team is my priority. Not healing inherently.