Let's get one thing straight right now


there’s always going to be a hero in every meta who is picked the most

that does not mean that they are op nor does it mean that they need nerfs

ok? cool thanks


I’ve been saying this for years now.


Ana mains are literally shaking right now, I see.


It’s too bad everyone on here believes they’re a game designer.


That’s how I feel as a Genji main. A lot of people have this opinion that Genji is OP. That he is a meta hero, and that people play him because of this reason. Yet, myself and those who I ask? We play Genji, because he’s a cyborg ninja. :man_shrugging:t5:


Practicing a massive amount and getting good at a hero, especially those that require aim and mechanical skill , doesn’t mean that hero is OP and needs nerfs.

Its like people are not allowed to get good and have good aim or people start crying and complaining.


Oh little Anakin, but there is another side to what you say.

Yes, there will always be a meta. The ENTIRE meta problem comes from how blizzard handles it.

They extensively nerf meta heros. They design heros to counter the meta. They sidestep actual issues with heros that can potentially counter metas. They do dumb shenanigans and it make the meta problem far worse than it needs to be.


Yep, just because something is strong doesn’t mean it’s too strong.


It really depends on how far the difference to the rest of the heroes is. If the top dog is considered balanced, then all heroes which are vastly less picked need buffs instead.

  1. I’m not an Ana main
  2. she’s not the most picked, Lucio is, followed by rein



they take their huge nerf hammer instead of adding little tweaks or buffing competition

pretty sure Lucio is balanced


Lucio just like Rein is the foundation for goats. They arent too good on an individual level, they just feed of synergy.


And Brigitte but it’s totally okay to gut everything interesting in her kit for some reason. :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: I’m finding most viewpoints on this topic to be majorly hypocritical and self-serving.


Yeah… about that…



They aren’t just talking about pickrate ya know.


pick rates for the top 0.5% of the playerbase, running goats

Naturally when threatened, the Ana main will resort to moving the goal posts.


ok again, I’m not an Ana main, and she’s only most picked in diamond and masters (2 out of 7 ranks)


I used to think this was common knowledge that there’s always going to be characters on top in any game balance wise. There’s never going to be anything perfect. That’s not real.