Let's get a break from the dev bashing threads - ActuiBliz having layoffs soon


Just dropped by during a work break and front page has at least 3 dev bashing posts. Can we get a break from this today? There are reports of Blizzard folks crying in the parking lot, stressed out about layoffs. Stop being selfish at least for a day, folks!


:crab: DEVS ARE GONE :crab:


They’re already taking a break. A really long one.


Depending on who’s getting removed the bashing may dramatically decline after layoffs.

Most of the complaints are built up due to extended failures by certain staff members.

If new/different staff are taking over most people won’t expect them to instantly fix things.


While I do agree the layoffs is a terrible thing and every game devs worst nightmare, do you think they didn’t set themselves up for this?

I dont mean to be rude, but with the flop that was WoWs most recent expansion, the idiocy of Diablos new game being on mobile (and the controversy of "Do YoU gUyS nOt HaVe aNy PhOnES?), and the complete silence and terrible balancing philsophy from Overwatch, is it hard to see why some people may be rightfully a little peeved?

Considering that they believe Sym is in a great place shows just how disconnected they are with the community.

I want to support this company, but they’ve dug their own grave.


It was 7 yesterday, literally the top 7 were each unique criticisms on how this game is managed, how the dev team is managed, and other complaints directly to Activision-Blizzard.


It sucks that people lose their jobs, but their consumer base is unhappy. Their value is plummeting. It’s not our fault because we don’t want to consume half-baked ideas.


Isnt the layoffs had to start today and yesterday? I think Kotaku said that the layoffs occur on Monday and Tuesday.


Feel sorry for the actual people, screw the company.


Everyone chill. At today’s market closing, ActiBlizz will make an announcement. Signs point to Destiny receiving the bulk of job cuts within restructuring (probably consolidation).


:spider_web: This. I rant about devs but I know at the end of the day its their company probably binding their hands and not allocating them proper resources. These layoffs are an even bigger reason to see Blizz and Activision crash and burn.

They’ve treated their employees like absolute garbage for far longer and to a higher degree than a salty player base ever could. :raised_hand: The industry needs to crown a new worst gaming company, EA has held the crown long enough.


I’m hoping that most of the layoffs on blizz’s end are in hearthstone, starcraft, and diablo.

but who knows. There’s no telling who’s going to be left tomorrow.