Let's be real: Mercy is balanced


as stats show mercy is beyond doubt balanced

“but she is not fun, we need e rework”

define fun. mass rez? wont happen. She is literally more engaging to play than ever. Maybe the fact that people have onetricked her for a year makes her boring to play.


In before, “How many hours do you have on Mercy? But the people who play her don’t find her engaging!!! Buff now!!!”

Ridiculous how often I see this “argument”.


I should point out, this isn’t me advocating for mass rez and I am not nor have I ever been a Mercy main. I did enjoy mass rez Mercy, but we’re at a point where the game has now lived longer without it than it has with it. I’m all for improving Valkyrie.

The main drawbacks for me personally are as such:

  • Current rez disrupts the eb and flow of Mercy’s kit. While it should have a cast time, it needs to be executed in a way where it doesn’t feel like Mercy’s kit is being brought to a grinding halt for it.
  • Valkyrie isn’t really that engaging since chain healing does all the work for you and it just seems to go on for too long. I think a slightly shorter Valk with a stronger single target effect would honestly do a lot for making it feel more impactful while not upsetting the game balance.

I still also believe that rez should be a chargeable ability (akin to scrap) since it gives the hero a slightly higher skill ceiling, makes her more engaging, and makes picking Mercy off a lot more significant for the enemy team.

Everyone has different opinions. Numbers don’t lie. What we have is balanced. But I do not believe what we have now is as fun to play as that it could be


Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re gonna see GOATs get even so much as dented. Hell the Brig nerfs likely make it stronger. However, re-implementing Mass Rez might just solve that problem, as mentioned here for one;


I enjoy Mercy as she is, but so long as we’re thinking up ways to make her more engaging I had thought that we might as well give her the full TF2 medic treatment and give her an ubercharge ult.

Lasts for X seconds, reduces damage taken by Mercy and her pocket by 100% for the duration. Mercys who can micro manage and spread it effectively can reduce the damage the whole team takes or can stick to their one pocket throughout the duration.

Ult charge reset to 0 on death making picking/protecting the Mercy top priority.

Let’s do it boys.


Where did I say mass res should come back, as is?
I said mass res should come back with added changes if it ever comes back at all.

Last I checked, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put two and two together :confused:
Unless you think Valk is an inconsistent burst ult :man_shrugging:


While fun is a subjective detail, consider the fact that Mercy’s entire kit is devoted to enabling someone else.
Every other hero in this game has the potential to make big plays by doing the jobs they were designed to do.
When the only way to make “big plays” with mercy is to battle mercy (which is not how she was designed to play), there’s obviously something wrong.
Now, mass res has a lot more counters now then it used to, and with a cast time proportional to the amount of people being ressed, along with los on initial cast, it’s the easiest way to give her some direct power over the match like every other hero.
But if Valkyrie can become that direct impact, then I’m all ears.


I’m one of those who used to be ‘forced’ to play Mercy in her OP days, and one to never play it again now (except Pharah pockets or high ground heavy maps). It might be because of the feeling of no impact compared to Ana, or because she’s plain a chore to play now. Yes I agree she’s undoubtedly ‘balanced’, but a little push wouldn’t hurt. That said, I never have thought she’s underpowered now or ‘trash tier’, because she’s still useful in specific cases the same way Lucio is. She’s just not a cookie cutter pick like she used to be or how Ana is right now.


It’s not though. Balance > fun.

Mercy mains cry that she isn’t fun anymore when her core kit hasn’t changed at all. So it’s obvious they just lowkey want her to be busted again.


As a Mercy main i just want her to be as impactful like Junkrats Rip-tire and other times it feels like i´m healing and healing and some more healing and it´s not enough!
Her mass-rez was fun and all but how often did it happend?
just wish i could rez at least 2-3 heroes at the same time or the cooldown was cut in half!
And as @Ojay wrote going BM is wrong!


Yea, there is a bug with skins with different coloured wings that it doesn’t change the colour in valk, except pink. I see it a lot in mercy boxing so idk if it’s just our wings colliding or what but you can sometimes see the blue underneath the yellow glow. Even if it’s intentional it shouldn’t be. Her wings should correspond with colour in valk.


This is as balanced as she can get with rez in the game.


Most mercy mains just want 60 hps again as she wasn’t “busted” as you say and could outheal things, now we literally can’t outheal anything as long as it’s at a suitable range. (Reaper sniping)


I can’t talk about added changes if you never stated what the changes were. Yet you somehow expect me to peer into your mind and know what your added changes are without stating them.

I guess it’s too must to ask for a clear answer that doesn’t use vague things like “burst ult” and expecting me to just guess which of you two you meant because it’s too difficult to just be clear.

This will be my last post on this topic as it seems to be going absolutely nowhere.


Huge overstatement, but that’s what this forum does after all.


Not only should the wings change, I’d go as far as to say the animations for ressing and healing and damage boosting should be different in valk, if it’s gonna be a 15 sec transformation ult, at least make it look like a transformation. I’d be cool with that!
Imagine if instead of a white small circle indictating how much time you had left, it was a glowing yellow bar in the bottom right that’s slowly draining, or maybe in the ult charge circle.
Imagine if the valk sound effects were more dramatic, with ekg sounds and loud wooshing noises.
Imagine if the res animations were different completely, with mercy pointing her hand at a body instead of raising her hand up or something.
With all this, and maybe Mercy’s original valk speed, she’d definitely be improved.


“Mercy is balanced”

Please explain how she’s statistically one of the worst performing heroes in the game.


Please explain why one of the statistically worst performing heroes in the game has a higher GM winrate than Ana and is healing on average 2000 more HP per game


Actually it’s not. We cant outheal any forms of direct damage correctly applied. Get a roadhog and start healing him, get some heroes and put them at their optimal ranges. (dont have a dva across the map because anything can outheal that) Mercy cant outheal any, not even moira.


Nah, Ana is the easiest to counter of the 3. Just dive her. She’ll switch. ll 3 are balanced right now. People just aren’t diving