Let this man cook part 2


I can’t stand Samito but he is 100% accurate here


wamito as always gr lfg

no surprise, of course they suck a$$, actimeme bli$$ard is a pathetic clownfest lazy greedy company that only cares about selling useless garbage and couldnt care less about state of the game they seemingly destroyed, not the first one and not the last one, wish they just stopped existing and all of their top management got perma banned from having any top tier positions that involve being responsible and evolving any products

ONLY, and I mean ONLY, game they produce that isn’t a super ridiculous cash grab is WoW. Still has its micro transaction but they aren’t shoved down your throat. Honestly looking at games like baldur’s gate and phasmophobia, for instance, AAA companies should be embarrassed. Solid player base, huge replay value, and don’t have to exploit gamers to keep it.

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