Let Symmetra Headshot

Her damage is not an issue.

Her survivability is her issue.

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What explains those tests then?
I’d like to try it myself and record it but can’t do that for a while but it would be nice if someone did.

So with hs and that modifier, she’d do 270dps at full charge (this is how much she currently does with nano or supercharger). Add in her turrets and she’d do 420(blzit)dps. Put nano on top and her full damage output with headshots, nano, and all 3 turrets would be 555dps. Surpasses Reaper and is just under Bastion. Can we don’t?

Beams cant crit…like at all…

it would feel so awkward…

she already requires near perfect aim to charge that beam in less than 2s…and now you want her to have to track for headshots in ordrer to do some damage?

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Headshot damage for a tick-damage beam would be a horrid balance choice.

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You say that until you see a Symm melt a Winston faster then Reaper. Damage isn’t the issue. It’s the lack of range and mobility.


If Sym gets a headshot, Ana better get one.

And? 180 on a beam that requires an objectively unreasonable amount of aim and time for such character with no mobility or defense. “Darlin” you must be kidding me to act like something, not OP’s idea, isn’t needed.

What are you getting mad about? he said her max damage was 195 and i corrected him?

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I don’t think she needs to be able to crit…

She just needs a projectile speed buff so that she could lead her shots better and actually fight in her range (mid-range).

A buff to her uncharged shot damage would be great too alongside the speed buff so that her gun can double as a pistol. :slight_smile:

No it isn’t, it was changed to 195 back in December.

proof of this is where?

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Sym can have headshots when her turrets go back to 1 HP

Check the wiki, or test it yourself. Its 195 now

Add discord, damage boost and supercharger and you have over 900 dps.
Due to how overwatch damsgr buffs stack
30% discord 20% mercy, and 50% orisa.

Mercy is 30% not 20, and discord is applied after all other. So if the number of all damage boosts is say 100 (totally random number just for an example) then you add the discord, which is 30% extra of 100, so you would get 130.

How about something more radical?

We halve her current damage but give her the ability to pierce throught barriers with all firemodes and the ability to headshot.

We decrease the damage of the turrets by half but double their hp and max amount what can be placed along with the stacks.

We change the teleporter to be usage and not duration based while also increase its activation range.

Her ult is changed that it now slows down enemies for 3 seconds who pass throught it.

Its already a mystery why the sniper healer cannot headshot.

There you have it. Those test results were real.

Edit: Actually it’s been that from that start!

To get it charged is hard when you get killed instantly for being that close. She can be strong just her survivability is cheeks