Let Symmetra Headshot

I’m not narcissistic, I am very well aware of my own flaws which enables me to improve on myself. My biggest flaw is that I am not good at handling ignorance, so my apologies. I shall work on that.

That being said, studying engineering at one of the best universities in the world gives me reason to believe I am accurate in my statement.

Just gonna leave this here.

This thumbnail looks like Symmetra is dual wielding Lucio’s gun and her own :slight_smile:

That’s a buff I could go for :stuck_out_tongue:

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Let her orbs move faster. Pierce. And let her hold them like a Hanzo arrow.

That’s a better fix than headshot damage.


That could maybe work. It still needs a lot of help tho

Giving Sym more damage reeks of power creep and is similar Reaper’s bandaid fix of 50% healing per hit. She still can’t survive when in beam range, and will cause problems to lower ranks where skill is lower.

Sym can’t “survive in beam range” either because her defense is too low or her damage is too low, or she doesn’t have enough escapes.

Pick one.
Buff it.

… you have problems. Not only does that not make sense from a gameplay perspective, her damage numbers would be far too high once she gets powered up. The only rank it would fix is gold and below where they don’t know how to get optimum charge

  1. Sym with 1.5 headshot modifier does less dps than Soldier 76, Junkrat, and Mccree.

  2. There is no “special way” to get level 3 charge. You either have to track enemies perfectly for several seconds, build it off a barrier for several seconds, or have a long team fight that drags on for several seconds. All of these options take several seconds.

Soldier does 257 dps with headshots. Sym would do 294 What’s wrong with you… I’m not even gonna bother looking up the others because you are already wrong

You accidentally multiplied soldiers damage by 1.5
Soldiers damage modifier is 2. So is Mccrees.

(And stop insulting people. Ain’t nobody got time for that.)

Okay. I was mistaken I admit that. But that doesn’t mean that sym still needs that buff it’s not the kind of weapon that would get a headshot. If you gave sym headshots you would have to give Zarya them too. Sym might need a change, but damage isn’t the fix.

I’m not sure if headshots are what symm needs. I think buffing her defensive aspects would help her use her primary more. She is a damage dealer who struggles to deal damage. 250hp and bring back photon barrier plz and thx.


Her damage is more than adequete at level 3, it’s getting to that level that’s the problem.


Well symm’s dps fairly bad when she barely does more than zen and lags greatly behind other dps because kill confirmation is very difficult for symm.

But what problems symm doesn’t have? Lol.


Make her headshot for 1000 DPS, she’s still going to die before she gets a chance to do it. :man_shrugging:

I can’t see how Photon barrier would be much use now. It worked well with her 2.0 primary because you could focus more on dodging than aiming. 250HP would be a better idea or let the first person using a TP gain 50 temporary shields that end when TP dies.

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D.Va and Zarya are tanks, so obviously they’re gonna be better at blocking damage. Photon barrier was a useful ability for closing distance on a target without running through the open and just letting them shoot you… or blocking specific bits of damage such as ults (team saving potential). I wouldn’t say it was underpowered or overpowered, it felt about right to me.

never was confirmed, never was buffed, and the gamepedia is a joke. after asked why did they edit, the person just said “omg but it felt better…” yet they NEVER had any confirmation from the devs, or any, at all.
syms dps is still 180.

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