Let players ping the location of an enemy like in Apex Legends

Design a system, that allows player to ping the location of an enemy, as well as showing which hero is being pinged. This would help with communication, and focus firing so much. It would be a huge quality of life for everyone.


Maybe they can make a spotter hero or just give it to sombra.

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Someone already asked, the team already explained why they tried it in beya amd it didnt work


One thing to note is that the characters automatically say “behind you” if someone is behind them. Unfortunately, none of the voicelines have any visual companion so no one pays attention to them. Giving it a visual companion would help tremendously.

Ping has very little actual value in overwatch…you only care about 1 section of a map at a time really…usually a big room with only a few entry points…there’s only so many places the enemy can be and you can see all of them just about

And even if you can’t a simple left/right call is all you need to know to know where the enemy is…

This isn’t apex where you got this ginormous open area of a map with multiple buildings and multiple floors and it’s not easy to know where exactly a teammate is looking at…”left” can mean a lot of things

Don’t get me wrong…it’s a nice feature…but not really helpful for OW


I can guarantee that I would abuse this system and annoy my team and I know I’m not the only one who would do this so no

Why cant you just voice chat it up tho!?

A ping system really is only benificial for console players as the majority of them dont have mics (in my experience anyways)

They explained why they don’t have it, but may explore it again.

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I feel like pinging an enemy would be something you could do in Overwatch, so your suggestion isnt terribly wrong.

Click on enemy, have a voice-cue and have a symbol above his head? I guess that could work. It would require you to have line of sight though, because it would be a free wallhack otherwise.

Sombra would be nice, I feel like one of the biggest reasons she gets slack when getting picked is not meeting the “infiltration” role. It’d just be easier to have her call out things rather than focus on it over microphone.

I can tell you that this will most likely not happen since Widow and Hanzo basically do that already unless they completely change the game.

Works better in Apex because the maps are so large. At least compared to Overwatch.

Welp, first thing first, because its overwatch there would have to be some rule, like not to let people spam it because, lets be honest, people would just use it to spam.