Let me lay it out as clearly as possible


They can’t “tank” anything. I have numerous examples of being bounced, tossed and just plain destroyed. KNOCK IT OFF. Seriously. My gosh. It’s NOT that hard. Tanks need to be TANKY. Up TTK a bit. Lower DPS A TON.

Y’all are impossible to understand.

SIGH Why. Why do i still try to play this sh.


They for some reason want the hiding behind corners gameplay of valorant and CSGO. It just doesn’t work with how Overwatch was fundamentally designed.


Is this about the Wrecking ball spin? 6 seconds is plenty of time imo and also gives lower ranked Wrecking Ball players a “hey you can’t be spinning on the point the whole match help your team”


The ball “nerf” is actually really good because it does literally nothing to anyone whos above gold. But in bronze i can see spin to win being really anoying so its really targeted nerf to people under 1000 sr.


The wrecking ball change - But just nerfing tanks in general - I don’t even mind the Ball nerf in particular. I play him at 4K+ I’m just really ticked that the tank roster gets obliterated in fractions of a second if they aren’t rein or hog. It’s f stupid.


They are tanks in Overwatch. Not tanks from World of WarCraft.


Sounds like the Ball nerf is perfect for you :slight_smile:

Don’t even care about the nerfs. Buffing burst damage even more is absurd.


Don’t think so. Wouldn’t be talking about the tankyness of tanks if it was grapple.


If that nerf goes through, they should remove his grapple cooldown on respawn. He can’t stagger more than 6 seconds anyways. Revert it. It’s :poop: and any Ball player knows what I’m talking about spawn rollouts don’t exist anymore.

PS If a Ball staggers for more than 6 seconds with “spin to win” it’s probably the enemy team’s fault for not dealing with the ball with 1 of the +10 hero that hard counter his movement.
Even Mercy’s GA boops Hammond off his grapple.


yeah I’m glad the storm arrow thing was a bug though lol, otherwise we’d have hanzo meta for sure lol

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Where was that the case though? Rein seems to get a massive buff to his ult while still keeping higher damage on his hammer than before + having the same giant piercing projectile
Ball change is to put a stop on spin2win and make it less of this cheap tactic it currently is

Blizzard devs play in that SR range is why we have this patch lmao


I thought they were just talking about tank nerfs in general mb lol

Than what is your issue lol? That was the only tank nerf.

You think that’s good for tanks? More burst damage?

No… It isn’t. Damage from tanks is problematic too.


Except that all does nothing if he dies immediately. He needs more survivability, not more damage. His damage was fine.


Have you played the tank roster in the last year?
It’s literally painful.


They clearly want tanks to be less like how he is rn (with all this defense) and more like hog in the future of this game. not all tank players want that, but they don’t seem to care about what people want

YAY. More damage creep! Great job blizzard!

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