Left handed hero please and thank you


who cares about this


I don’t have personal experience with guns, but from what I’ve been told by family members, the military trains you to shoot based on your dominant eye, not hand. So, it’s highly possible some of the heroes might normally be lefties but have right eye dominance and therefore shoot right-handed.


Nothing else to complain about apparently


Wow tone down the hate you disgusting handist. We need handspeech laws so you can’t get away with talk like this.


It is time for Link to join the fight


Doomfist fires from his left hand.


Yeah, all that makes sense. So, yeah, who knows. It would be cool if Chu would tell us more stuff like this.


Meanwhile Ana shoots right handed despite not even having a right eye…


Moira heals with left hand. She’s healer > it’s her main hand > she’s leftie


Characters who might be Lefties:

I’m noticing that it’s mostly villains on this list…


Us leftys are severely under represented


That explains all those missed shots…


Gosh-darn devil worshipping lefties…


Why exactly your choice of hand has to be represented?


Rather than have a lefty hero, I’d ask for the option to flip 1st person viewmodels. Nothing to do with representation - even if I’m mostly used to it, there’s some corner of my brain who can’t avoid noticing weapons are being held the “wrong” way. This “nuisance” disappears during abilities like Coalescence.



This is it! The game is literally unplayable until they have a left-handed hero

We must start a boycott!


I’m wondering though. Isn’t it just more of a consistency thing to have the main weapon always in the right hand? Like, purely a gameplay reason?


Sombra is left-handed, I’m pretty sure. Which is why she’s so inaccurate with her gun. She uses her left hand for hacks, which is far more important to her.


Isn’t Moira and zynn left handed?


No way, she picks her friend’s noses with her right hand and saves healing with the hand she itches her butt with. She is right handed.